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  • I heard you got a set or adventuros? How do you like them I want to get a set. Someone told me to ask you how ya like them.Thanks
    that would be awesome, is it really hard to re gear my self, my uncle should know how and have the tools but should i take it to a shop?
    say for lifting total i would spend 1000 to 1500 dollars, what would you do with those funds?
    that's awesome man, i really want to get lifting soon, after the 3 inch body lift what is your advice with a suspension lift?
    cool man i would like an extended cab but hey i am good with my reg cab, and sometimes seeing just one thing can change your mind completely its crazy how that works. is your ranger a 5 speed or automatic? the funny thing is, when i first got mine, and for prolly the first 6 to 8 months after i got it, i really didnt care about my truck and didnt make any changes, my friend does car audio and after i went to car shows with him i was hooked. So in addition to lifting and stuff i am setting up my truck for comps with my subs, its a hell of a lot of fun. I really want to get wheelin some too in the future. I just love the feeling of being able to look over other cars and trucks and thats why i want to lift high, its awesome man!
    I definetly know what your talking about, i have changed my mind over the last year so many times. I was going to get a motorcycle, then wanted a miata for all performance, then a fullsize truck, then decided to just stick with my beast and deck it out lol. But ive changed my mind so many times with what i want to do with my truck its crazy. This winter i will have my audio done, 4 eight inch subs on 1500 watts, all the good stuff. we just finished the sound deadner and the carpet before that, i have some neon bars under my seats i put there today, and just been basically trying to improve stuff slowly, but big changes are coming and i cant wait to see it lifted with the pro comps and tires. I want to eventually go high, maybe a total of 8 inches with a re gear and all that stuff, maybe by the end of next summer.
    hahahahaha that's hillarious lol but its feels good to know you have done something great to something that was originally not so great lol. Im ready to be higher up for sure! Its a lot of fun to work and make your ride better and custom to you.
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