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  • ohh i want to do it just because of the honeycomb too!! looks awesome on white trucks
    the flares will be ok, it aint much difference between yours and the 01-03 ones.
    see ya around.
    ohh thats cool! i want to do that eventually, but i still like the large turnlights lol. maybe later ill just swap to the powerdome hood
    yeah post up the pics.
    no problem, any q u have just ask
    ull need the new bumper with its own brackets, cuz if u use the old ones it wont completely raise all the way.
    my advice is to get the brackets for it.
    or ull go the hard way as i did lol. i had to make some minor modifications to the brackets and to the frame mounting plates so it could fit properly. its an unnecessary pain if u can get those brackets.

    u going full face lift or just the bumper?
    I dont know man. It depends on what the mods do. They could have banned him for awhile or forever. I think he should get to come back though
    Sup man. I got my grille off ebay. There are tons of them on there, just do some looking and find a good price. Mine came as a combo with the upper and lower together. The ford emblem just has two nuts that hold it on so that part is super easy.
    Thanks man. Yeah...it's a strong mount especially after I used nutserts in the fender and machine screws. I had self tappers and it royally sucked and eventually I stripped out the holes in the fender. The mount wiggled around. I can literally stand on the mount now if i wanted to. lol. IDK if you've read, but it's a 99+ Super Duty fender mount that I shortened 3/4" to hug the fender better. it doesn't need to be trimmed, I just did it for looks. The angles and stock fender bolt holes are perfect for a 98+ ranger.

    Of course I've had issues hitting trees and stuff.....that's what the springs for! lol.

    Obviously I use it whenever I use the CB. lol......driving around, road trips, bored with music, wheelin', etc. lol.
    I haven't done my cb setup yet. Current project is gears, rims, and tires which will be finished Thursday. I will probably put the antenna on the driver side fender. You get the best reception on the middle of your roof but I just dont like the way it looks there.
    I was. I don't talk about it. I was in Kosovo and formed opinions that many will not agree with so I keep it to myself mostly. We send men to be killed for the wrong reasons. I support the troops 100% but I will not support the assholes that sent them there. Soldiers have to do what they are told and for that I feel for them.
    Cool, Thanx for the feedback. Have been gona all weekend. I don't know if you read my post about what happened and what I found, but was driving, truck started acting hestitant, got home, found water in oil. Got new heads and gaskets, r & r'd all that and still have water in oil. Not sure what next. How did you see/know where the leak was with just a pressure test? Someone also said about maybe the lower plenum/intake??? Am not sure and am about out of money..Thanx again for any and all help~
    I posted about water in my oil. Was wondering if there is a chance of that happening on what you are saying with the timing cover???? Check my post for all the details please and see what you think. Its driving me nutz. Thanx
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