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  1. Air bag (no key turn off)

    ok so heres the deal.. A friend has a 96 ranger, extended cab. 3.0.. Shes about to have a baby and needs to put it in the front seat.. airbags can kill the baby,, yada yada... the thing is she doesnt have a way key to turn off the passenger airbag like most newer rangers have... what is the...
  2. Open for Questions. My 88 SAS BUILD

    -Well, wanted to say thanks for all the help everyone has helped me with on the sight during and pre the sas. -It was a tremendous, and anyone wanting to do it,, be sure you do WAY MORE than enough research. -TAKE YOUR TIME, i see some people saying they could do it in a weekend,, and i probably...
  3. A couple full width ?'s for steering.... great guy to workwith.. one day turnarround... havnt got to driveshafts... full width swap kinda seems like u have to jump arround to get it right in order..
  4. EB coils stock bucket_pic

    I am SASing a 88 ranger. I am using 5.5'' superflex EB coils with stock buckets. Will you please post pics of how you mounted yours. If its really difficult to do, please post up the easiest way to do it. Really it just isnt matching up well for me.
  5. EHH, 7.5 diff and differences

    So i have a 88 rnager 4x4 with a 7.5(puttin in a 9'') my brother has a 01 ranger 2wd with the 7.5 rear axle. Will the axle shaft from my truck swap into his? (bent it in a wreck). I only need to swap shafts. No abs stuff. I figured the shafts would interchange. Any info appreciated
  6. for those who moved in b. coil retainers SAS

    For everyone who moved in the bottom coil retairers on there d44 sas. (rather than using f150 buckets) can you please post pics, web sites, or info of how you did it. I am starting my sas and want to see how you all did it(in case theres an easier way than i planned)
  7. Ranchero 9" rear

    you can just remove the 3rd member of a 9'' and build it on a bench... And there easy to find.
  8. Move Bottom coil buckets in or F150 top buckets

    All of you Doing a d44 full width swap. Did you move the bottom ones in, or run f150 coil buckets up top. What are the pros and cons of each. What is easier? What do you suggest. Please post as many pics of eacf
  9. SAS coil question

    I have a 88 ford ranger 2.9l supercab. I am doing an sas using stock coil buckets. Can any one give me a measurement of Center of Coil to center of coil. I really need this, that way i can move in the coil mounts on the axle, without having the truck apart, I want to have the sas ready to...
  10. Superflex COils?

    I am doing a sas on my 88 ranger, With a fullwidth d44 and radius arms. How many people have used the 5.5'' Superflex coils from Bronco Graveyard. Or what coils are most popular
  11. Spedo stopped

    So just out of no where the Spedometer and odometer just stopped working in my truck. Not really anything else to say. Any Ideas?
  12. bad exhaust leak..

    Ok i have an 88 ford ranger 2.9 4x4. On the pass side, right where the exhasut manifod and exhaust bolt together, its leaking like a mother. Like fly a kite leak. The two lflanges where they bolt together is rusted. How do you all suggest i fix this. Its throwing off the 02 sensor due to the...
  13. tibe bender

    I am new to tube benders. What do you all suggest. As far as (brand, name, type, where to get them,price) I want to build sliders, roll cages, exhaust ext. What do you all suggest or reccommend, use? Im also looking for something fairly cheap
  14. runs horrible help please

    88 ford ranger 2.9. It will run fine for a while. Then all the sudden when i hit about 2000rpm it will fall and start missin. Then if i floor it it will haul. So it falls in the 1800-3000 rpm range, and misses. Any ideas appreciated.
  15. full width ttb/ifs dana 44 swap into '94 ranger splash stepside

    yeah, and knowing that your not "mr mechanic" helps you alot. I know my limits and try to push them. But atleast i know that i cant rebuild a transfer case. Or i know theres a lot of research in a SAS. Rather than a kid that thinks they can build something whatever way they want and it will...