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    Wrecked 05 adrenaline sport trac... What to do

    Home Despot is across town, Lowe's is across the street.
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    Lighting source

    Flashlight for around the house or in the truck? My phone. If I know I am going to need a light source to work from I will bring my flash light home from work. It's Snap-On branded, but I'm pretty sure it was made by Coast. My only complaint about it is that the charger is finicky, and it...
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    Wrecked 05 adrenaline sport trac... What to do

    Oddly enough that kind of thing does happen often in the parking lot of the Lowe's across the street from where I work. Interestingly these incidents tend to coincide with my lunch break. Weird.
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    Simple things you hate doing?

    Nope. A lease is a rental. You never own the thing, just pay to use it. At that point it would be better to buy it outright with cash and trade or sell it when you are done with it.
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    Simple things you hate doing?

    Why in the world would you ever sign up for a lease? Except in a very few very specific circumstances leasing a car is one of the dumbest things you can do with money.
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    Simple things you hate doing?

    If I didn't deal with other people's problems I'd never do anything.
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    Simple things you hate doing?

    Butt wiping.
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    Power Steering Question

    You may have worn parts that are adding excess play to the system.
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    anybody use Tekton tools?

    Not my garage anymore.
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    Odd OBD2 readings with possibly false P0420...

    Cats can go bad without failing mechanically. The catalytic converter performs a chemical reaction and they can be not working chemically without the beds breaking down physically, so bad cats does not always mean plugged cats.
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    5R55E question

    Hope your sprag didn't do too much damaged when it died. I have seen a few transmissions demolished by a failed one way clutch.
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    Best fuel injetors for 2.9?

    I have bought two sets of reman, blow matched, Bosch injectors from E-bay for my 4.0s. One set were yellow tops, one were reds. Both sets are over five years in with no issues so far.
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    anybody use Tekton tools?

    I have a few odds and ends from Tekton. I have a giant 3/4" ratchet from them that I use primarily for breaking stubborn bolts. It doesn't get used often, but has held up well. The finish was peeling off of it within a year, but it was also stored in a rather harsh environment. My garage in...
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    Transmission type

    It's the same thing. Just watch because those transmissions are engine specific. The one you get has to come off another 4.0 or it won't mate up.
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    Who here saw neowise?

    I missed it. Where I am it was too low on the horizons and there aren't any good places I can get to where the horizon isn't obstructed.