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    Dana 35 with and without ABS

    I think they both used the bolt-on dual piston calipers. The change was made to the TTB axle in 95 so that the Ranger could continue to use the same caliper and bracket as the Explorer.
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    Bad MPG. Is cat clogged?

    A little bit of EGR flow at idle will make it run rough. A little bit of stuck EGR valve will make it not start too.
  3. adsm08

    Clutch replacement

    So, two companies?
  4. adsm08

    Removing bad AT... but flexplate rotates freely. Why?

    In my professional opinion that is broke.
  5. adsm08

    Need a New BATTERY

    Not ususally. That's the skeeter zapper.
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    Removing bad AT... but flexplate rotates freely. Why?

    You stick a socket on a breaker bar on the damper bolt and hold the crank still.
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    Deer season 2020

    I enjoy small game hunting. I do not enjoy deer hunting. I like to be up moving.
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    Would a 92 Ford Festiva be a good trade?

    Gen1 and 2 Escapes (2000/2001-2012) were on the driver's side. Gen 3 and "4" (2013-2019) had it on the passenger side. The 2020+ I don't actually know where it is.
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    Same here. Since I just had it my doc says I'm safe from getting it again at least until the end of March, probably longer, but my state has the ability to botch everything, and we are certainly doing that with the vaccine roll out.
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    No compression in 4.0 SOHC

    Not this one.
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    How the F do you get the clip off the clutch pedal rod

    You pull. Hard. I like to stick a large screw driver in there and twist to pop it off.
  12. adsm08

    Trouble Bleeding your clutch?

    Probably for two reasons. One, this video was meant as an instructional for bleeding new parts, before they are installed. Two, it doesn't take everyone hours. I can usually have a master cylinder and line R+R'd in about an hour. Makes no sense to mention an amount of time when it will be very...
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    2013 suburban (service suspension) light

    Kill it with fire. The insurance money can buy a Ford.
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    2.5L ('98-'01) Dead cylinder?

    Kill it with fire?
  15. adsm08

    2.5L ('98-'01) Dead cylinder?

    Turn the engine by hand with the scope in there. Make sure piston is moving.