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  • Adam? Will the a/c-heater box from a 1995 Ranger fit the firewall of my '87 Bronco II?
    Thank you for your recommendation of replacing the O2 sensor in my 87 Ford Ranger, that fixed the power loss and idle issues. Very much appreciated. Sent the ECU back to Rock Auto this afternoon as I was thinking that was the problem all this time it was a $50 O2 sensor that everyone kept ignoring and pointing at the ECU.
    No problem man. I have seen that same symptom set so many times and nobody ever seems to make the connection.
    Ok iv got a 87 stx high rider it olny has 87000 miles onit any I had a problem with the battery cable ends I change the ends now the truck won't start it's spinning firing and getting fuel to the rail can't figure it out I've traced grounds the only thing I haven't checked is if I'm getting the constant 40 pounds at the rail but I'm getting power to my injectors I've changed out my relays what gives man you seem to be
    Question For ya. I was looking at one of your old posts and you said that a 1989 bronco II with a 2.9 L does not have a crankshaft position sensor. I have a 1988 Ranger STX 2.9 L. Same thing? You see, I am driving and occasionally in each gear when I try to accelerate my rpms will not go over 3000 for any of my gears. Any ideas? If you could email me at dtauber1993@gmail.com that would really help me out. I am a little confused. Thanks!
    Travelled through your neck of the woods today on I-80W. Northumberland County, PA, right? We're returning to TN from visiting family in (believe it or not) Groveton (Northumberland), NH. Beautiful country. When I saw the road sign I thought "Hey, there's a Ranger buddy somewhere near...)
    hey there need a little tool help my work van got robbed so the tools i had for working on my ranger have not all been replaced yet but i want to replace my carrier bearing and can't figure out what size wrenches or sockets i need to get the flange yoke off and the u-joint strap bolts i had a kit made up for these but must have been in the van got robbed. 1993 ford ranger 4x4 super cab 4.0 auto thanks !!!!
    $50 plus shipping?

    ive got a 96 ranger that i just put in a new flex plate..... after everything was installed i started it up and put in drive and i got nothing.... it like i have no gears... the trans was rebuilt about a year ago and a new torque converter was installed... i had no problems wat so ever when i put in the trans a year ago

    Theres is a faint grinding noise that sound like its coming from the bell housing..... would a bad rear diff prevent the truck from moving

    You commented on my thread about this. do you think replacing the torque converter would solve the issue
    Looking for 95-98 manual trans pedal bracket. Conducting an experiment for the betterment of all Ranger-kind.

    I have a manual trans pedal bracket if your still looking
    Hello sir. I just got a 4.0 w/ 60,000 miles on it. 1994/2wd/5spd. No issues, drives like new. Just wondering your thoughts on the truck, mainly the engine.
    Hey I see you are from Northumberland. I went to school up in PA I graduated last May from Penn College.
    Hey man I'm new to this forum. Pretty much never used one before. How do I post a message or thread ? To get feed back ?
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