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  • Yeah I'll be interested in your old lift, how much for it?
    What are your plans for your truck?

    Now I got to keep my eyes out for some 33's and rims........hope the auto trans holds up....lol... The Exploder is geared 3.73's not going to stick a ton of money in stock axles...I got a set of solid axles for it....wish I had more money...talk to you later
    Hey Jon how are you? I been busy working on my house. Yeah I haven't got those hubs in yet. My Exploder is buried in the back yard with all that damn snow we got the other week. I just visited Predator's page and qouted on it. Yeah it would be good to meet some of you guys. We just need to start throwing out some dates.
    That sounds cool. If I can get that day(s) off, I probably will come. Got a real name I can call you by? My name is Keng.
    Apple Valley Farms first public event is in June. RPM4x4.com. I will hopefully be going and if you wanna ride along that would be cool, Most of my buddies either have families and can't go or have their own rigs.
    Otherwise The Dresser run is Memorial Weekend they have a pretty sweet play area that is open to anyone and i'll probably be up there the whole weekend wheeling again if you wanted to ride along or something
    I dunno, when are they having events that I can watch? I really don't have anything suitable to drive, but really would like to watch.
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