Technical Service Bulletin

TSB SSM 50736   2019-2021 Ranger / 2020-2021 Explorer 2.3L EcoBoost – Increased Engine Oil Level and/or Fuel Smell in Oil

2019-2021 Ranger and 2020-2021 Explorer with 2.3L EcoBoost engines and customer concern of increased engine oil level and/or fuel smell in oil. This may occur when operating conditions do not regularly allow the oil to reach full operating temperature such as: frequent short trips, long periods of idling or driving in stop and go traffic, and/or prolonged driving in cold climates. This condition is normal and will not affect engine durability due to increased oil level or fuel content in the oil. Advise customers concerned about their engine to regularly operate the vehicle in a manner to allow the oil to reach a normal, warm operating temperature which vaporizes the fuel, and follow Intelligent Oil-Life Monitor messages that alert when the oil should be changed based on how the vehicle is operated. Refer to the owner’s manual for maintenance information.

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