Technical Service Bulletin

TSB SSM 50597   2019-2021 Ford Ranger, 2021 Ford Bronco – 2.3L – Reduced Engine Power In Freezing Temperatures, Illuminated MIL And/Or Powertrain Malfunction Indicator (Wrench) Lamp

Some 2019-2021 Ford Ranger vehicles built on or before 09-Aug-2021 and 2021 Ford Bronco vehicles equipped with a 2.3L engine may experience reduced engine power in freezing temperatures with an illuminated malfunction indication lamp (MIL) and/or powertrain malfunction indicator (wrench) lamp with diagnostic trouble codes (DTC) P2111, P2112, and/or P2119. This may be due to water or ice buildup in the intake manifold behind the throttle body. If suspected, remove the throttle body and inspect for water or ice in the base of the intake manifold. If water or ice is found, replace the intake manifold with part number KB3Z-9424-B and crankcase vent oil separator hose, part number LB5Z-6A664-D. Refer to Workshop Manual Sections 303-01 and 303-08. For claiming, use causal part number 9424 and applicable labor times from Section 09 of the Service Labor Times Standard (SLTS) Manual.

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