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DISCLAIMER: Activities and vehicle modifications appearing or described at The Ranger Station and it's pages may be potentially dangerous. We do not endorse any such activity for others or recommend it to any particular person - we simply describe the experiences and opinions of other Ranger/Bronco II owners. If you choose to engage in these activities it is by your own free will and at your own risk. Any and all modifications will likely cause a vehicle to behave differently than stock. Some modifications may significantly increase your risk when driving the vehicle or be dangerous in some driving situations. Use good judgment when engaging in any activity or making any modifications. Do not take unwise risks. Consult a certified professional if you are not sure of something. The Ranger Station and the authors of these articles assume no liability for how any particular individual chooses to use the information presented here. Some of these modifications may void your vehicles warranty. Please also read our Legal notice HERE.

Non-Technical Articles - Make sure you check out our Resources section for Ranger history, concept vehicles, and other non-tech related articles.

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Automatic Transmissions

Trouble Shooting
Automatic Transmission ID
A4LD Automatic Transmission
A4LD Service Manual
C5 Transmission Diagnosis
4R44E 4R55E 5R55E Valve Body Gasket Issues
Seven Common Problems With 4R44E 4R55E 5R55E
Ford 10R80 10-Speed Automatic
Transmission Fluid Change
GM 700R4 Transmission Swap
Fluids & Capacities  
Torque Convertor Lock-Up Switch
Gear Indicator Adjust / Repair
AllanD's Transmission & Transfer Case Guide

Manual Transmissions

Trouble Shooting
Manual Transmission ID
Ford M5OD Shop Manual
Clutch Pedal to Idler Shaft Bushing Replacement
Bleed A Hydraulic Clutch
Shifter Bushing Replacement
Shift Rail Plug Maintenance  
Mazda Trans Disassembly
4.0 Clutch Swap For 2.9
T5 Identification
Pilot Bearing Replacement  
AllanD's Transmission & Transfer Case Guide


Build Your Own Front Driveshaft 1998+ Ranger  
1-Piece Driveshaft And Why You Want One
1-Piece Driveshaft Swap
Driveshaft Clunk
Carrier Bearing Relocation
Carrier Bearing Replacement
Checking Pinion Angles
Double Carden Joint Replacement  
Universal Joints!

Transmission Swaps

Interchanging Transmissions
A4LD to Mitsubishi 5-Speed
T5 Manual Swap For V-6's
M5OD-R1 To M5OD-R1HD Transmission Swap
FM146 To M5OD Transmission Swap

Transfer Cases / Trail Control

Trouble Shooting
Ford Ranger Trail Control & Terrain Management
1983-2011 Ford Ranger Transfer Cases
Borg Warner Transfer Case Identification
Rebuilding A Transfer Case Shift Motor
4WD Diagnostics  
1995-2000 Ford Ranger 4WD Control Module
Troubleshooting 1995-2000 Ford Ranger 4WD Module
Checking Transfer Case Shift Module Circuits (1994-Older)
Transfer Case Shift (4WD) Module Diagnosis (1994-Older)
Transfer Case Identification
Exploded Views of Transfer Cases
Transfer Case Fluid Change
Dual Transfer Case Conversion
BW1350 - BW1354 Doubler
Transfer Case Shift Motor
D&D Doubler Dual Transfer Case Install
AllanD's Transmission & Transfer Case Guide

Exploded Views

Electric 1350 T-Case
Electric 1354 T-Case
Manual 1354 T-Case
Manual 1354 T-Case (PDF)



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