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T4/T5 Manual Transmission for Your Ranger 2.9 V-6

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Advance Adapters offered a conversion kit to mount a T5 manual transmission to your stock 2.9-Liter V-6.  The kit used an adapter plate that went between the T-5 transmission and your 2.9-Liter bellhousing and used an internal release bearing (Ford# F1TZ7A-564A).  Bellhousing modifications were required.  This kit should only be used for a 2.9-Liter engine.

Part No. 27-1001 - T4 transmission to Ford 2.9-Liter with overall length of 26-3/4 inches

Part No. 27-1002 - T4 transmission to Ford 2.9-Liter with overall length of 28-1/2 inches

Part No. 20-0021 - 5th Gear upgrade (17% Overdrive)


I no longer see the (3) part numbers above listed on their website.  Here is what they say about the T5:

Advance Adapters no longer offers kits to adapt a manual to a Ranger transmission.


Contact Advance Adapters for more information 800-350-2223




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