By: Drew Coffey

The older Rangers had a real problem with moisture entering the headlight and causing this ugly yellow headlight syndrome as I like to call it. See the headlight below? Notice the ugly yellow tint and moisture clinging to the inside? Here is how I fixed it…

Besides the dang wrong corners (got the Euro ones by accident off Ebay – new ones are on now!), this turned out great.

Simply drill (2) small holes in the headlight where the arrows are, and watch the water pour out. Once you are done, take some 3M polishing compound or some good wax/cleaner and hit the outside of the light. Should make it bright and clear!

For those offroaders that are concerned about water intrusion after the holes, complete the fix, then glue the holes back shut. Once the headlight begins to yellow and collect moisture, drill through the glue and repeat.

Hope this helps….

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