Here are some pictures of snorkels made for the Ford Ranger.

The idea is to open up the air inlet inside the fender by removing the inlet duct:


From here you can either get some flexible hose like used for dryer duct or the type that goes to an air cleaner on a carbureted motor:

Or use PVC pipe fittings:

This picture above shows a 90 degree PVC pipe fitting glued on to the factory plastic pipe after the inlet duct was removed. Remove the rubber seal and sand the lip on the plastic pipe so the PVC elbow will slide on. From there, continue with PVC elbows and straight pipe back towards the front of the fender by the cowl. When finished, glue all the pieces together.

You can use u-bolts like those used in muffler clamps to hold the PVC pipe to the inner fender.

You have two options; Run the PVC out through your fender or in to the cowl near the windshield.

Here it is going through the fender:

And here it is going through the cowl:

The snorkel cap used above on the blue truck can be found at Tractor Supply in their plumbing area. Replacement ARB snorkel caps can be found at TRS Fab & Off-Road. Please note that the stereo antenna was not able to be reconnected because of the PVC pipe in the way and was relocated. The original antenna stayed to fill the antenna hole.

We want to see your snorkel setups. Please visit our Tech Submission Forum and post your pictures!

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