There have been reports of loose intake bolts on some of the 90’s 4.0L’s.

Check – Check for loose lower intake manifold bolts. Pull your #5 plug and check it out. If you see the fuzzy head or have some oil present around the sides of the plug then bingo. The 93-94 have this problem VERY often. Usually you can fix it by simply tightening the bolts (in the PROPER sequence), but sometimes you need a new gasket. Do you notice a loss of oil with no leaks? Say 1-quart every 1500-3000 miles?

This is a simple fix…you will need the following:

  • 1/4″ Socket Drive
  • 6″ extension
  • Short wobble adapter (the broken neck socket adapter)
  • 10mm socket

Follow the pictures below for the location and proper tightening sequence. Most should be able to solve the problem by simple tightening, but some may need to replace the entire gasket as it may be shot. Make sure you follow the sequence for tightening!

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