Submitted By: Drew Coffey

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Well here is the old’ front grill, boring and gray. There is some major decolorization of the fake chrome, and some serious spots on the gray center. For this project I pulled off the grill, top & side chrome pieces. I sanded and cleaned each piece thoroughly, making sure to take my time. After sanding I added an adhesion primer, then I primered each piece with 3 coats of a good quality primer. Again, taking my time, I painted each piece to match my truck using the Dupli-color spray paint. I used 3 coats of color and 4 coats of Dupli-color clear to top it off with. I went heavy on the clear because of the pounding this area takes with bugs and rocks. Took a good amount of time for this project, and is not something that can be rushed to achieve quality results. Save about $200 from taking to someplace and having it sprayed.

Also tried out the cool looking Home Depot billet grill using the gutter guard, chrome paint, and plastic/metal epoxy. See what you think – I love it all…looks so much better. I also added the clear corners to finish it off, after removing the sticker from them and the bug shield.



Painting the grill pieces took some time…Home Depot grill mod was cheap and easy. The yellow arrows are where I applied JB Stick Weld, then added the zip ties to tighten it all up. Next time I will use black zip ties as I had to touch these with some black paint to hide them completely

Finished Product




Here it is …man I am stoked – this looks so much better than before. Color matches great, grill mod really brings it out, and clear corners tie it up nicely. Very worth my time!!!

Speaking of time, it did take some…

Difficulty (1-10): 8

Cost: $52 – includes clear corners, grill mod, paint, primer, clear, sand paper.

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