Model Trans
P/N Vehicle Speed Ratios
Mitsubishi FM132 D 1988-1992 2.9L 2WD 5-Speed Unknown
Mitsubishi FM145 D E67A-7003-FA 1985-1987 Ranger 4X4 5-Speed 1st: 3.769

2nd: 2.210

3rd: 1.516

4th: 1.00

5th: 0.812

Reverse: 3.400

Mitsubishi FM146 D 1988-1992 2.9L Ranger 4X4 5-Speed 1st: 3.769

2nd: 2.210

3rd: 1.516

4th: 1.00

5th: 0.812

Reverse = 3.400

Toyo Koygo X 1983-1987 Ranger 2WD

1983-1984 Ranger 4X4

4-Speed 1st: 3.96

2nd: 2.08

3rd: 1.39

4th: 1.00

Toyo Koygo 5 E57A-7003-DA  1983-1987 Ranger 2WD

1985-1987 Ranger 4X4

1983-1984 Ranger 4X4

5-Speed 1st: 3.96

2nd: 2.07

3rd: 1.39

4th: 1.00

5th: 0.84

Mazda M50D-R1 M 1988 & Up 4-Cylinder Rangers

1988-1992 2.9L 2WD Rangers

1991-2000 4.0L Ranger

1991 – Up 3.0L Ranger

5-Speed 1st: 3.40

2nd: 2.05

3rd: 1.31

4th: 1.00

5th: 0.79

Reverse: 3.40

(4.0L Engines)


1st: 3.72

2nd: 2.20

3rd: 1.50

4th: 1.00

5th: 0.79

Reverse: 3.40

(All Other Engines)

Mazda M50D-R1HD J 2001 & Up 4.0L SOHC Ranger 5-Speed 1st: 3.40

2nd: 2.05

3rd: 1.31

4th: 1.00

5th: 0.79


Mitsubishi 5-Speed Code ‘D’:

This is a fully synchronized 5-Speed manual transmission with a fifth gear overdrive. It has a stamped metal pan on the bottom much like an automatic transmission and the main case is tapered toward the rear.

Assembled 4WD Length – 28.687-Inches

Adapter Length – 11.50-Inches

FM145 P/N E67A-7003-FA

Mitsubishi FM145 & FM146

Mazda M50D-R1 5-Speed Code “M”:

This is a top shift fully synchronized transmission. This has a light duty aluminum case and has a rectangular shape casting ribs with a large top cover. The R-2 is known for leaking oil from a rubber plug in the top cover. You should replace the rubber plug with a steel Dorman cup plug P/N 555-108 or Dana P/N 219-3052. You will need 3 plugs. These transmissions often melt down due to the oil loss caused by these plugs.

Many owners have went with synthetic transmission fluid hoping to extend the life of the transmission. Synthetic fluid handles high temperatures and pressures better then conventional fluids.

The hydraulic clutch, slave cylinder/throwout bearing is another item you should pay close attention to. After time, the slave cylinder fails to release the clutch completely. If you are having trouble shifting into 1st and reverse while stationary or if your truck creeps forward with the clutch pedal depressed the slave cylinder/throwout bearing is probably at fault. Unfortunately there is no easy fix here as the transmission must be removed to replace the combination slave cylinder and throwout bearing.

Mazda M5OD-R1HD & Mazda M5OD-R4

There is some confusion about these two transmissions and some believe they are one in the same. The M50D-R4 is said to bear no resemblance to the M50D-R1. The new model has a detachable bellhousing, a main case and extension housing, all made of aluminum. The mainshaft and countershaft are supported by tapered bearings with shims under the races to set endplay. All speeds are fully synchronized with helical-cut gears. The speed gears all run on needle bearings on the shafts. Gone is the removable shift cover, and all shift components are housed in the main case. Mercon ATF is the lubricant fill specified.

Bolting A Mazda M5OD-R1HD To A 4.0 OHV

The M50D-R1HD can be bolted to the OHV 4.0L V-6 (M50D-R1HD came with the SOHC 4.0L). There is an extra bolt hole (see red arrow below) on the M50D-R1HD that allows it to be bolted to either engine (at the 2 O’clock position).

M50D-R1 2WD Transmission

M50D-R1 4WD Transmission

Mazda M50D-R1


Toyo Koygo 5-Speed Code “5”:

This is a fully synchronized overdrive transmission with a fifth gear overdrive that is set apart from the Mitsubishi 5-Speed by it’s cast, ribbed bottom cover. The case configuration is also more rounded than the Mitsubishi. The Toyo Koygo seems to be the more common of the Ranger / Bronco II manual transmissions.

Overall 4WD Length 25.937-Inches

Adapter Length 8.750-Inches

Ford P/N E57A-7003-DA

Toyo Koygo 4-Speed Code “X”:

Overall Length of 24-Inches

Adapter length is 6.812-Inches long

Toyo Koygo 83-87


Mazda 5-Speed Transmission For Ranger Diesel:


The Mitsubishi has a bottom cover, a Mazda does not.

Toyo-Koygo’s are more likely to be found in 4-cylinder 4×4 Rangers. Bronco II’s are more likely to be Mitsubishi FM145’s

On Bronco II’s ALL versions are equipped with 4×4 type transmissions because the 2wd Bronco II’s use a “dummy” transfer case.



Photo of TK-5 with photo of pan bottom inserted in lower left corner of photo.

Photo of FM146 with photo of pan bottom inserted in upper right corner of photo.

(Above 2 photos submitted by Jorley)

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