By Ranger Blue 2011

Have you ever been fed up with how quiet your Ranger’s horn is? Well the reason is that the Ranger only uses a single, low tone horn as seen here. You will be upgrading to a dual-tone, high-low horn.

Fortunately, the fix for this issue is pretty simple. No wire splicing or complicated wiring diagrams are required.

Use caution when doing this! I take no liability for any electrical work you do and damage you may do to yourself or your property! (Or any work for that matter!)

Items Needed:

8mm socket and accompanying wrench

10mm socket

Horn from Ford Crown Vic, Grand Marquis, etc… (you are looking for horns with AM80S on them)


Open your Ranger’s hood and disconnect the electrical connector going to the horn. The horn is located on the passenger side in front of the radiator.

Using the 8mm socket and wrench, remove the single bolt holding the bracket that has the horn mounted to it.

Now the horns you will be installing should look something like this…

In order for the horns to fit properly, you will need to undo the nuts holding the horns to the bracket and switch their positions. The 10mm socket will be used here. (Horn on left is removed and mounted on the right and vice versa)

Be sure to check fitment and ensure the horns will fit, as well as ensuring no electrical connections are pinched. Then, tighten the horns down.

Finally, install the bracket with the new horns in and retighten the 8mm bolt. Make sure you connect your electrical connector to your horn again!

Complete! Enjoy your newly installed dual-tone horns!

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