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A cheap trick ……..or secret….is Ford’s Factory Oil Coolers that they put on all 2.3 Turbo motors. They were also found on the SSP Police Mustang 5.0’s. If you go to a junkyard and find a Turbo Coupe T-bird or Merkur XR4ti it will have a cooler on them.

(1) Look at the oil filter. Remove it.
(2) There is a 90 degree elbow there. It takes a 3/4 socket to remove it.
(3) Then you will see a round coupler with two heater hose’s going into it. This is the cooler.
(4) Cut the two hoses.
(5) There is a Bigger bolt holding it to the block. You will need a 1-1/16 socket to remove this.

You now have an oil cooler.

Now all you do is ……

(1) Clean it up
(2) Put on ANY Ford motor that takes the Fram F8A or equal
(3) Route your heater hoses into this unit making a loop so that the coolant is running through the cooler and back to the water pump.

I go to the Junk yard and buy these for around $10 to $20. Then I go buy 10-feet of heater hose and hose clamps. Your engines coolant does ALL the work. It will cool your oil by 30 degrees and raise your coolant temp by 2-degrees. Racer Walsh sells them for around $180.

Every Ford I own gets an oil cooler installed the week I buy it. I really believe it is a must for a 2.8 V6

UPDATE 03/09/2014:

This was originally added to The Ranger Station several years ago. The modification still works, but they’re not as easy to find anymore.

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