Battery will not hold a charge

1. Alternator drive belt defective or not adjusted properly.
2. Electrolyte level low or battery discharged.
3. Battery terminals loose or corroded
4. Alternator not charging properly
5. Loose, broken or faulty wiring in the charging circuit.
6. Short in the vehicle wiring causing a continuous drain on the battery.
7. Battery defective internally.

Ignition light fails to go out

1. Fault in the alternator or charging circuit
2. Alternator drive belt defective or not properly adjusted

Ignition light fails to come on when key is turned on

1. Instrument cluster warning light bulb defective
2. Alternator faulty
3. Fault in the instrument cluster printed circuit, dashboard wiring or bulb holder

Charging System Problems

For more information on your charging system and how to check it, click HERE.


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