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Many Ranger enthusiasts have been finding ways to install a snorkel on rig to play in deep mud and water. ARB is the the premier manufacturer of Snorkel kits, but they don’t make one for the Ranger. Jeff Johnson (also known as crbnunit in our forum) was the first to discover using ARB’s kit for a 1980’s Toyota Land Cruiser. His idea has since been copied and a version has even shown up in one of the truck magazines.

Kit Used: ARB Kit# ARBSS60HF – 1980-1989 Toyota Land Cruiser

To attach to the airbox, the square one with the flat filter, Jeff used the metalized drier vent tubing wrapped in duct tape. The tape is to give it a bit of rigidity and protect it from the metal body work where it makes bends and rubs. He didn’t cut into the engine compartment but routed the intake hose around the front of the inner fender underneath the auxiliary battery tray. To attach to the airbox, he just took out the plastic intake tube that attaches to the warm air inlet and flipped it over so it faces forward and down. To attach the round hose to the square opening he just shoved a cut down 3-inch PVC coupling into the opening as an adaptor.

Making a pattern for the Snorkel. Applying pattern to truck. If you don’t drill carefully, the hole saw will climb out of the hole and trash your paint job. The saw size is 3-1/4″. He used 3″ drier vent to make connection with the airbox.

For Rangers With Round Filters:

With either the plastic inner fenderwell removed or removing the actual fender, you’ll see where the air filters duct work that comes through the metal inner fender and has a restrictive scoop that drops down. Remove the plastic duct work to reveal the intake opening (See below).

Go to your local hardware store and pick up a coupler. The tube with the ARB is 3-inch. The inlet on the filter canister is roughly 2-inches. A 3-inch to 2-inch coupler is a good place to start. Go to your local hardware store and find one similar to this:

(Coupler above is smaller than required, photo is for reference only)

And attach it to the air filter canister like this:

Note the ARB plastic tubing coming out of the large end.

A PVC coupler could be used instead of a rubber one with clamps, but you would have to use PVC cement.

The ARB snorkel comes with a template to lay on the fender and guide you on where to drill your holes. You’ll drill (4) holes to hold the snorkel and then a 3-1/4″ hole for the snorkel to go through the fender. Test fit the snorkel to make sure it all fits well before drilling. Make sure it will line up along the windshield post. Once you have the holes drilled and the snorkel mounted to the fender, you’ll have to make a new bracket to attach it to the windshield post. The bracket in the kit will not work.

Once everything is mounted where you want it and all the tubing connections are made, be sure to go around the tubing connections with RTV sealant to ensure nothing leaks.


The ARB kit was not made for the Ranger so this is a custom setup. We’ve seen this done on the 1993-1997 style Rangers. We’re not sure how well it fits on the 1998+ Rangers.

(Kit Diagram for Toyota Land Cruiser)

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