By Dangerranger02

There are many possibilities for creating a unique, yet aggressive look for your Ford Ranger; but the first part of a vehicle that you notice as it comes roaring down Main Street is the hood. The hood contains many characteristics that hint towards what your beast has underneath! One of the cheaper, yet very affective ways to obtain this look is to purchase a pair of scoops from the JC Whitney catalog. There are many options, but I recommend the two piece Lund hood scoops. The medium sized set is perfect for the Rangers’ hood and they mount using 3mm tape so NO DRILLING! You can also find scoops from company’s such as Summit Racing.

The Scoops are made of a plastic ABS material that is very durable and they come black in color from the factory; but they may be painted to match any vehicle.

Installing The Scoops:

First, prepare your hood. Wash the hood thoroughly and dry completely. Next, prepare the hood scoops. Paint to match if you wish, then line the scoops up on your hood in a position you would like. Look at the photos to get an idea of where to mount. Please excuse my exotic stance…I know it distracts many of you from the amazing effect the scoops have on my truck’s exterior appearance. O.K.; back to the project. Adjust the scoops using eye judgment at first. Step back and take a look at your hood from every angle. Make sure you obtain the look YOU want. Then, I recommend using a tape measure to make sure each side is equivalent to the other. In doing this, your scoops will be aligned center, and you will not get as many critics! Now; use masking tape to mark all corners of the scoops after adjusting them to the position you want. After taping off the corners, remove the scoops and peel off the seal from the 3mm tape that is already attached to the bottom side of the scoops. With the help of a friend, line up the scoops with the tape you had laid down earlier. Start by putting down a top corner near the glass and add pressure as you mount the scoops. Take your time and work towards the front of the vehicle. This is not a time to be in a rush. If the scoops are not stretched out correctly, the center may stop sticking and start coming up. After setting the scoops, remove the masking tape you used to line them up with. Now, step back and look at your creation!

These scoops are non-functional, but can be made functional with only a few simple modifications. Stay tuned until a later issue to see this performed…

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