Story by Dorian Thistle

I have found a cheap and easy way for running a K&N filter. I used a mass air flow sensor from a 1992 3.8L Ford Taurus. I made sure that the plug-in letters (ABCDEFG etc) matched mine and just plugged it in and had no problems since. I have run this set up for two years and Canadian cold winters do remind you of a open air filter at initial start up when wanting to go somewhere before the engine warms up. Other than that, no codes from the computer or problems. After seeing all the work other people have done to convert their mass air flow sensor to work with an open air filter, I figured the price of a used mass airflow sensor from a 3.8L costs less and a lot of less work as well. Below are some pics of the air filter and mass air flow sensor. It was really easy and simple and after two years and no problems I can honestly say works great.

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