By mjonesjr

Difficulty: 3 out of 10

Time to install: 1 Hour

Disclaimer: This modification includes some drilling of the door! Do at your own risk! The author nor TRS does not take responsibility for any mishaps.

This is a How-To on installing 2007 mirrors on your 1993-2005 Ranger (I know for a fact that 1993-1997 is for sure, there may be some slight tweaks that need to be done for 1998-2005 Rangers).

Tools Needed:
– Drill
– 3/4″ or 7/8″ Metal Hole Saw
– 1/2″ 3/8 Drive socket
– 3/8 Drive ratchet
– 3/8 Drive 3″ extension
– 1/4″ nut driver
– flat screwdriver
– phillips screwdriver
– razor blade
– wire crimpers
– wire strippers

Parts Needed:
– (2) 2007 mirrors
– (13) 7/8″ flat washers
– RED butt connectors
– electrical tape

**Refer to Picture 1.1, Picture 1.2, Picture 1.3, and Picture 1.4 for before and after shots**
**Refer to Picture 1.5 for a picture of a new mirror on 1 side and an old mirror on the other**

1. Remove door panel
– 2 phillips screws under inside handle
– 1 phillips screw behind handle
– push door panel up on door
– slide door handle/switch assemble through door panel opening

2. Remove speaker
– 4 small bolts (need socket and ratchet or nut driver to remove)
– unplug speaker wires

3. Unplug power mirror connector behind radio

4. Use socket set to remove mirror nuts
– roll down window
– loosen all the nuts but leave them on
– stick your hand through the speaker hole and remove the lower 2 nuts
– grab mirror with your left hand through open window
– use your other hand with the 3″ extension and socket to remove the last nut
– slowly pull the mirror off the door

5. Use your metal hole saw to drill out the 3 mirror holes
– driver side you have to do all 3 holes
– passenger side you just have to do lower 2 holes
– see picture 5.1 for what it will look like when you are done drilling


6. Cut power wires off old mirror
– cut about 2.5″ to 3″ away from the mirror base

7. Cut connector off ’07 mirror
– remove foam gasket from back of mirror
– pull the ’07 mirror connector out from its mounting location
– cut the connector off, leaving as much wire as possible

8. Splicing wiring together
– strip about 1/4″ of wire sheathing from all 6 wires
– put RED butt connectors on all wires in the old mirror wiring
– on the driver side, all wire colors are the same (red, blue, yellow)
– on the passenger side all wire match except for the white-yellow wires, put the white-yellow together on passenger side
– use electrical tape to tape the wire connections really good
– re-install foam gasket back on back of ’07 mirror

9. Put mirror back on door
– slide the wires back through their hole and put the mirror where it goes on the door
– hold mirror with your left hand, and with your right slide 3 7/8″ washers up through the speaker hole and on to the lower left stud
– put a mirror nut on the lower left stud
– tighten it down a little bit (not tighten it all the way)
– put 1 7/8″ washer on the top nut from the speaker hole
– put a mirror nut on the top stud (don’t tighten it down all the way)
– put 3 7/8″ washers on the lower right nut
– put a mirror nut on the lower right stud (don’t tighten it down all the way)
– adjust mirror where it is supposed to sit on the door
– tighten bolts down (be sure not to over tighten them)
– refer to picture 9.1 to see were mirror sits on door

**If you don’t have a chrome or painted cover, repeat steps 1-9 for passenger side**

10. Install cover
– snap cover on (be sure not to break any mounting tabs
– start by putting the top on and then finishing with the bottom
– refer to Picture 10.1 to see installed cover


Picture 1.1:

Picture 1.2:

Picture 1.3:

Picture 1.4:

Picture 1.5:

Picture 5.1:

Picture 9.1:

Picture 10.1:

Finished Install:

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