Jim Oaks – Owner / Founder / Administrator

Name: Jim Oaks

Forum Name / Link: Jim Oaks

Located: Roanoke, Texas

Born: 1967

Occupation: Retired State Trooper / Self employed

Hobbies: Keeping this place up and running, random road trips, and trying to stay in shape.

Vehicle Details: 

TRS-1 1983 Ford Ranger (featured HERE) – parted out and scrapped

TRS-2 1996 Ford Ranger Extended Cab 4×4 (featured HERE) – sold

2001 Ford Ranger Extended Cab 4×4 – sold

1984 Bronco II 4×4 (featured HERE) – regretfully sold

Currently driving a 2016 Ford Expedition 4×4. I hope to purchase a home with a garage in 2018 to start a new Ranger build.

More Info:

Created The Ranger Station in 1999. Use to own/operate/program a BBS (Bulletin Board) on a Commodore 64 computer back in the 1980’s when you use to have to dial each computer you wanted to connect to on a phone modem. Got back in to computers in 1998. Met many great people through offroading and The Ranger Station. Looking forward to meeting many more.