Living in a remote Texas town, I travel remote Texas highways where the speed limit is 75 MPH. Travelling at that speed, animals on the road can come up on you pretty quick, so it was important for me to upgrade my headlights and driving lights.

I turned to Nilight for some of their LED H11 (Low Beam) and 9005 (High Beam) bulbs. It’s important that you use a compact bulb design so that it will fit in the housings. See the example below:

When I bought my bulbs, I bought the H11 and 9005’s separately, but you can buy them as a set:

Nilight 9005 H11 LED Headlight Bulbs Kit

The LED 9005 high beam bulbs are 100-watt bulbs. The LED H11 low beam bulbs are 50-watt bulbs.

You’ll need an extra set of Nilight H11 50-Watt LED Bulbs for your driving lights.

Here’s the new LED bulb next to the stock halogen bulb. If you look at the actual base that screws into the housing, you can see that the actual bulbs are similar in length.

The bulbs sit behind white caps that twist off.


Once the cover is off, the light bulb assembly twists and comes out.

You can see by the position of the bulb that it twists to the left and then pulls out.

Here’s the bulb out.

Here’s the new LED bulb.

Here’s a look at the backside of the light assembly with the bulb out.


Here’s the new LED bulb installed.

The bulbs on the passenger side are a little more difficult to get to, so have patience.

Here you can see how white the LED bulb is on the drivers side compared to the halogen light on the passenger side.

The driving lights can be reached by reaching up between the bumper and crash bar.

You can reach the light to unplug it but it’s hard to get two hands in there to plug the new bulbs in. It helps if you turn the wheel all the way to the outside.

That’s it.

Good luck!


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