Original Poster: -Nathan-

Difficulty: 4 out of 10

Time to install: 0.5-1 hrs.

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Brief Explanation: For those of us without tow hooks, this is a great alternative for a place to pull on. The Hidden Hitch receiver is no longer in production, but this Drawtite one is readily available.

Tools Needed:
– jack/stands
– various wrenches/sockets

Parts Needed:
– Drawtite 65017
– 2 – 2.5” X 0.5” grade 8 bolts (optional)
– about 12 – 0.5” washers (optional)


1. First you need to get your front mount hitch, I purchased this Drawtite 65017 from hitchesonline.com

2. This is the hardware that comes with the hitch, I opted to exchange the grade 5 bolts that pass through the frame rails with grade 8 bolts.

3. The rearmost bolts pass through the frame rails, utilizing the existing sway bar mount holes. There are nuts welded inside the frame rails. I removed my sway bar previously, but if you still have your sway bar, remove the bolts these bolts.

4. Now if you’re doing this yourself, as I did, balance the hitch on a jack, and raise it into position.

5. It is easiest to start the rear bolts, just to align it, as the nuts are already there in the frame rail. This is where those washers come into play…the hitch is designed to be place over the sway bar mounts, but if you no longer have your sway bar (like me) just place 2 – 0.5” washers in between the hitch and the frame to make up for the difference. *Note – the washers aren’t in place yet in the picture.

6. Next pass the bolts ( I used grade 8 instead) from the inside, towards the side of the truck. I used a washer in between the hitch and side of the frame to make sure it fit snug.

7. Now pass those “nuts on a stick” up into the frame, and thread the bolt into them. They are the middle holes, just for reference.

Below is a picture from the front, you can see the bolt passing from the inside – the hitch – washer – frame – and nut.

8. Now tighten everything up, and happy towing…or getting towed

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