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  1. MountainMike

    Mike's '05 Sport Trac Adrenalin

    :popcorn: The Ranger is gone, long live the Explorer! As most of you know, after the adventure that was my first Ranger (the '98) I went on and picked up a '93 Ranger. And it was a great truck. Sadly at 250,00kms it was getting a little long in the tooth. I dabbled in a new car to haul around...
  2. Where To Find Dual Sport Mud Flaps???

    We recently had a pretty good snow storm and a couple of the STUPID plastic mud flaps on my B3000 DS are barely hanging on. Does anyone know where to find replacements or better yet wider ones that will cover my 31x10.5 BFG's? Ive done quite a bit of looking online but I cant find anything
  3. 2008 Ford Ranger Sport 3.0

    okay so i have a 08 sport, it has a 3.0 engine, im not that inclined with parts and things....so my question is, what exactly can i do to my engine to give it more horses, could i turbocharge, or supercharge it, i just need some help, so any comments would be great
  4. Low Ride/Air Ride 2008 Sport

    ok guys. this is the project. I am hoping some other torsion owners want to do the same thing so we can make this happen. I will do it without community support, but it would be nice to save a bit and have higher chance of success if there is a group effort. I want to have a plush low ride...
  5. 2007RangerSport

    My ford ranger... Flying!! (must watch)

    The other day i saw some kids jumping there dirt bikes.. i drove over to them (into the dry retention pond) and told them to watch out... i hit it at 25 MPH... i only did it oncehttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FYjK6HfOP8E
  6. 2007RangerSport

    My Plans For My 2x4 Ranger Sport

    This is MY RANGER! :) I WANT to lift My 2007 Ranger Sport 2x4/w Torsion Bars! I havnt done ANYTHING Suspension wise yet. (other than crank my T-Bars) and i like how my truck sits on 31x10.50s. (Really Hot) I am stuck between two lifts: 1. Camburg 2wd Entry Level 6.0 Kit 2...
  7. 2006 Ford Ranger Sport 2WD Auto Tranny Slipping

    I have a 2006 Ford Ranger Sport 2WD 3.0L V6 Automatic. It's a daily driver and gets me to and from work everyday. I noticed that while driving on the interstate, when I am over speeds of 65+ MPH and I accelerate (pedal to the metal) it feels like the transmission slips into neutral and over...

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