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  • I may possibly be in Whitehorse for Arctic Winter Games in march. I'm still waiting to hear if I've made the Alaska Team for Dene or Inuit sports. I'll let you know if I up out there.
    Hope you recieved your sticker and are happy with it, I lost like 47 cents on shipping, lol. It's cool though.

    They are real nice.

    270 213 0199

    8 dollars shipped. If you want one text me your adress I'll mail it to ya, then you can send me a check to my return addy.

    can you add me to your google places map for the banner? Im in Glendale, az and i have started a thread in the southwest forum for trying to get the banner around the state. I can definitely get it to the grand canyon.
    I went over to see her and the decals look awesome!!!!

    But the weather was too lousy to prent put them on my truck, I ordered 20 decals that say "Ranger Militia, therangerstation.com" they are like 10x5in....... She also is making me my front windshield banner..... will get pics up stat.

    her building is heated but she's working on an EMT vehicle right now.... sorry guys. everything is coming together though.

    I will be getting those out to folks as soon as she prices me.........
    and the officer decals will have to be worked out, she did not enjoy making mine.... it was really difficult for her, so any other ideas for the officer decals is welcome.

    that got the pushrod 4.0 that thing is unstoppable and fast, check out the video of my 97 that i had with the pushrod motor i had flowmaster 10 series ans a mild cam installed along with a few other goodies
    happy birthday crazy canadian friend!!!!
    so u got presents on christmas and birthday on the same month?? cool!!!
    enjoy and happy new year!
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