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  1. PacoTaco1000

    Meet my 88’ project Bronco

    Last October, I was looking for my first vehicle and found this 88’ B2 for sale in Spokane, Washington on Facebook marketplace. My father taught me how to drive stick in his 88’ B2 That he bought a couple years ago to teach me and my siblings and I was looking for one of my own since hisgot me...
  2. MountainMike

    Mike's '05 Sport Trac Adrenalin

    :popcorn: The Ranger is gone, long live the Explorer! As most of you know, after the adventure that was my first Ranger (the '98) I went on and picked up a '93 Ranger. And it was a great truck. Sadly at 250,00kms it was getting a little long in the tooth. I dabbled in a new car to haul around...
  3. "White Lighting" Daily Driver 05 Ranger

    OK been meaning to make this thread for while didn't know a good place to post it up so here it goes! Background: I had a 94 mustang that broke on me so i was car-less and broke (from owning a mustang) and a friend of mine told me that he was gonna donate the truck because he couldn't get it...
  4. MountainMike

    Building a rally car. Opinions wanted.

    Alright crew here's the gist of it. I need opinions and thoughts. I've got a hold of a basically free, clean 1986 Chevette with a popped 1.6L. My plan is to turn it into a budget rally car to tackle the Dempster highway and run a few ice races up here. I have three possible powertrain options...
  5. '08 Fx4 Project Stage I

    Hi Everyone, so I'm looking for input towards the first stage of my dream ranger. The 08 fx4 stock is pretty sweet as it is, although the front end sits a little low. I bought the truck in december, shipped out (I work in the merchant marine) and came home in June, and I've basically just been...
  6. MountainMike

    Mike's '93 4x4

    I've changed things around on this first post to make it in compliance to [TOTM standards] Here is a recap for those who don't know. I picked up a 1993 Ranger 4x4 as a project truck. It had a new(ish) motor put into it not long ago. It has a light bar hoop, 3" body lift and new rims. The body...
  7. tailgate_mafia

    New guy New project

    Hey everyone I'm new to the site. Ok I have owned 2 rangers before but they were 2x4 now i have a 1994 ranger stx. after rebuilding the top end of the 4.0 and putting new leaf hangers and shackles on it i'm putting a 3" b/L on it. i has 31x10.50 R15's now how can i get another two inches of...

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