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no spark

  1. 87 ranger no spark issues

    Hey guys, pretty new to this forum though i have been referencing it heavily as of late to figure out what is going on with my 87 ranger. its is the XLT 4x4 model with a 2.9L Cologne V6 engine in it. I bought it a few weeks ago and everything seemed fine but then the truck would "go hunting"...
  2. No spark at distributor

    I have just bought my second bronco 2 with a 2.9 liter v6 the guy has replaced the old 2.9 with a new one and he has tried to get spark but there is none so after buying it and getting it in my shop I have started to look after that problem and I have had to replace the starter scyloniod to get...
  3. 93 3.0 No Spark!

    Im at a loss trying to diagnose this ignition problem...I need this truck to get to work 20 miles away and it's driving me crazy. This all started when I had to drop the transmission to replace the clutch. I don't know if it matters but the speedometer plug was duct taped to the cable to keep it...
  4. 95ranger2.3

    86 2.3l turbo in 95 obd2 ranger

    i have swapped an 86 2.3l turbo from a thunderbird turbocoupe into my 95 ranger which is obd2. i seem to have everything working besides my no spark issue. i have one spark when i first start cranking and no spark while cranking. the engine has new pick up coil, new rotor button and distrubuter...
  5. little to no spark on cylendar 6

    the truck runs rough when started i pulled the wire off #6 and there was little spark. i pulled #5 and it was arching off everything. i have replaced coil wires and checked all grounds and still no luck:bawling:
  6. intermitent no start problem

    just bought an 88 ranger 2.9 .On the second day i had it it died like you shut the key off ,crank but no spark.Towed it home installed tfi module on distributor,ran fine for a couple days,then died same as the first time,again no spark.Towed home disconnected positive cable and twisted inertia...
  7. 2.9 liter no spark

    I just put an engine from an 89 ranger into an 87. there was no egr on the 89 so I also changed the computer. Now.. no spark. Checked and rechecked the timing. Suspect coil. Any other ideas?
  8. 1986 Ford Ranger 2.3l Ignition Control Module (Distributor Mounted)

    Hello all, a few months ago I took my truck into the High School auto shop to redo all the brakes. When we finished overhauling the brakes, I tried starting the truck and it did not start. It cranked over, but did not fire. It ran fine before all of this. Here's what I know: - Does not start...
  9. No spark 93

    My 93 died on me driving down the road. No spark detected, installed a new coil and still no spark. I read around the forum and got info about the cam sensor and the ICM. The problem is I don't know how to test these components for failures. I have power to the coil but the other cable gives me...

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