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  1. ludicrouspeed69

    Bellhousing Bolt Patterns for 2.3 and 3.0 M5OD Transmissions: Dimensioned!

    I spent a lot of time looking for dimensioned drawings or CAD models of the transmission bolt patterns (for reasons). None existed as far as I could tell. I tried perspective flattening, tracing, and scaling images from google, but was having a hard time trusting them. Finally I had the...
  2. 98+ 4wd vs 2wd Transmission Crossmember

    Hi everybody, Are the transmission crossmembers different between 4wd and 2wd for a 2002? I have the M5OD. If so, how hard is it to weld/bolt on the 4wd version? I've got the 4x4 transmission and transfer case sitting in my garage ready for the swap, and I'm trying to make sure I have...
  3. M5od-r1 rebuild shaft doesn't spin freely

    I just rebuilt my tranny with an overhaul kit and put new hubs/sliders in. After downloading the bench manual for this trans from trs I got to torquing down the front and rear bearing retainer plates and after that I could force the shaft to turn but it was by no means spinning freely. I am...
  4. Pix3L8

    Transfer case question/issue

    Hi guys, I made a thread about this a while back when I was less informed about the problem I am currently dealing with, ill try to explain this better. So here's the issue, I have an M5OD transmission out of my old Ranger and I want to put it into my Bronco II. the Bronco has an a4ld trans...
  5. FM145 to M5OD

    I have an 87 Ranger STX. I cant really find much info on this swap. What would be involved to do the swap?? From what I can find, the M5OD should bolt right on with a new floor plate. But I have a feeling that something else would be need. Any help would be nice. Thanks.
  6. M5od?

    I have an 89 B2 with a 4.0L and an A4LD. Which manual transmission would be easiest in terms of fabrication to swap in?
  7. M5OD rough shift on rough roads, potholes, speed bumps

    Hi all, I've owned my truck for about a year now. Its a 2001 with 120'000 kilometers on it(im in Canada). Since I've owned it its had a very bizarre shifting issue. I have spent many hours on the web with not a single other mention of a similar problem. When I shift (into any gear) while...
  8. 84bluebronco2

    Tax time overhaul?

    Been throwing the idea of fixing up my 94 Explorer XLT or retiring her in favor of a newer Ranger/Explorer... The body is fairly clean. Just a touch of rust has appeared on that rear fender since this pic. Already has Warn hubs. Don't have picks of the interior right now, but also clean...
  9. 84bluebronco2

    1354M linkage adjustment.

    There are two bolts on my linkage attaching to my M5OD. Do I just have to loosen the 14mm one to adjust the linkage to get 2h, 4h, 4n, and 4l to work properly?
  10. 84bluebronco2

    Clutch Kits

    So now that I have my new 1354M installed, I think I want to tear it out and do the clutch. I'm trying to do everything around the tranny but the guts themselves... I've done the shift rail plugs, changing the fluid, and putting in the shift repair kit in hopes that I'll get smoother shifts. No...
  11. 84bluebronco2

    1354E to 1354M 94 Explorer

    My 94 Explorer currently has a M5OD/1354E and I want to swap to the 1354M. I've found one from a 96 Ranger with an M5OD/1354M, but using the search bar leads me to ask a few questions... 1. My current factory D-Shafts should be plug and play? 2. The pigtail for the indicators on the dash: plug...
  12. 302 Swap on a 95

    I may be new but I have read the tech posts and I am left with a few questions which is why im posting my questions. Im intending to build a 95 2wd ranger with a carburated 302 HO with a mild cam, an M5OD, and the 3.08 geared 8.8 from my 92 4.0. 1. I have a 95 2.3L with a 5 speed I am looking...
  13. 84bluebronco2

    Clutch on my 1994 Explorer XLT.

    Hey Everyone, My truck has a bit of squeal under moderate to heave throttle, and under load (hills and such). If I depress the clutch, the sound is gone, and does not happen when revved in neutral with clutch engaged. There is no chattering or rough engagement in 1st gear, although it will not...
  14. Explorer to B2 5 speed swap

    Looking to do a auto to manual tranny swap. Found a donor 93 EB and know the trans will swap but what about the other parts like pedal assembly, master cylinder and steering column? May need the shafts too due to M5od vs A4LD length but not sure. Going into a 90 B2 that is showing signs of...
  15. 84bluebronco2

    Slight shudder, 1994 Explorer XLT

    I have a 94 Expo XLT witht he M5OD, and it seems over the last two days it has a bit of a random shudder/skip. It happens occasionally in 3rd, But more often in low RPM 2nd. It seems to do it mostly as I step on the gas. I got it to do it a few times today if I stepped harder on the gas pedal...
  16. 84bluebronco2

    My new toy!

    OK so I have finally bit the bullet. The 84 B2 needs to much love to keep her going. Purchased my new toy today. I found a rust-free, 4dr, m5od Sploder. 138k on the clock (about 50k less than the b2 and 100k less than my ranger). The price was 2450. What do y'all think?? :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

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