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engine swap

  1. chickenman

    1994 4x4 5speed TDI swap

    This will be my documentation of how I TDI swap my ranger. Stay tuned. I will be posting most updates on my new member page, and saving this one to big updates.
  2. DeathRanger

    Where to begin?

    Where to begin? This was my 2nd ever Ranger and the one that really drove my passion for Ford Rangers in general. I've owned 3 after this but it's the only one left. It's a 2000 Ford Ranger 3.0l V6 Trailhead edition in a pretty rare color of Mandarin Gold Metallic. Last parked in 2018 with...
  3. Joeschiffman

    1987 2.9L to a 1991 4.0L

    I bought an 87 ranger 4x4 with a 2.9 manual and my head gasket went bad the next day😒. The engine already had some blowby and I had another ranger I could buy cheap (also wanted more power) the 91 ranger I bought for the engine is a 2wd with a 4.0 (also manual) me and a buddy have the new engine...
  4. crank but no spark after engine swap

    I put a 1999 engine in my 1994 for ranger its a 4L 2wd. I'm getting gas in the cylinders my ecm has power my icm has power. The truck has been sitting outside for a year or two. any ideas plz let me know thx.
  5. 2003 3.0l motor swap into 2004 truck

    hello guys, i am new to the forums here but i have many times used this site to help me. however , with my current issue i cannot find what i am looking for. so my truck is a 2004 regular cab stepside 3.0L automatic i bought it with no motor/tranny or engine wiring harness i bought a totaled...
  6. RangerGoolz

    4.0 or 5.0 swap?

    I have a 1986 ranger with 2.9 and 5-speed manual trans. I am curious about swapping in a new more powerful engine. Will a 4.0 be the easiest swap and if so what year 4.0 should I be looking for? If its not that much harder to go 5.0 v8 then I may do that but I am not experienced here and will...
  7. stamina

    just found a 4.0 complete all the way to exhaust manifold, what should i do to it when i buy it.

    i need to know all the things i should do for the engine once i purchase it. like should i clean certain things run certain things through it? replace certain things? any specific flaws in the engine that can be fixed before it goes in?
  8. Acgallen

    302/ZF5 Swapped Ranger Hydraulic Problems

    Hello TRS, hopefully ya'll can save my ass at least one more time. Finally got the engine running with no prevalent problems there yet, but when I wanted to move the newly started truck, I wasn't able to put the truck into gear while running. Turned the engine off and pushed through all the...
  9. tjack96

    M5R2 transmission swap-Slave cylinder issue

    Hi folks, heres some introduction: 1986 Ford Ranger XLT, custom inline 6 swap (1971 250 c.i.). I've already made my custom motor mounts and the engine is sitting in the engine compartment, so dont tell me it cant be done, because, well, ive done it and it looks stellar, it was just months of...
  10. Body question

    Ok I have an 03 ranger 4 door 6ft bed I recently was is a bad wreck and looking to try to fix it. Would a body and front end from a 95 model work? Or next question how much would it take to swap my 4.0 sohc into the 95.
  11. North Idaho 5.oh

    1994 ranger beauty/new motor!

    I know I have a few threads posted on here but what can I say, I love working on these things! I can’t remember if I ever posted this truck and if I did, I can’t seem to find the post.... What I stumbled on is a SUPER CLEAN and well taken care of 1994 ranger ex cab with a perfect rust free...
  12. 4.6 wiring

    Long story short. I got a 04 2.3 with snapped rod for free. Also got a 01 e150 with 4.6 for free. Due to NE. Rust the van is no longer daily D. So does anyone have a diagram for the 4.6 and the 04 ranger harness’s. I’m just trying to diet the 4.6 factory harness and power the ranger harness for...
  13. 96 4.0 to 90 Bronco II Swap Guidance

    Good Morning, I was able to pick up a 96 explorer 4.0 for a good deal the other night. Rebuilt about 30k miles ago, good runner, and cheap. What I didn't realize was that 96 explorers had swapped to OBDII and some of the wiring and sensors are different. Unfortunately I only got the engine and...
  14. 92 Ranger 4.0ohv installed into a 92 Ranger 3.0

    Hello, This is my first post on this forum, but I have read many posts here and I really enjoy the TRS community and support. I recently purchased a 92 Ranger because the body and interior are in mint condition, but the truck has no engine or tranny. Once upon a time, this truck had a 3.0...
  15. 1991 2.3 to 4.0 engine Swap

    Hello Everyone, I've got some questions about doing a engine swap in a 1991 Ford ranger. I would like to convert it from a 2.3 liter Lima engine to 4.0 liter V-6. So when I do the swap I am also planning to swap out the rear axle with an Explorer 8.8 inch 36 spline Axle. What model year Ford...
  16. 1983 2.3 Swap or Build

    I have a 1983 Ranger with a 2.3 and a manual 4-speed w/overdrive. I am planning our my restoration and am not really sure what I want to do about the engine. The stock 2.3 was rated around 85hp. Option 1: Rebuild the stock 2.3 and then add a few upgrades like cold-air, k&n filter, better...
  17. 98 ranger sohc 4.0 swap

    I have a 98 ranger with a 3.0 that has finally died and i am swapping a 2001 sohc 4.0 in to it from a explorer and i need to know if i can use the engine wiring harness off the 4.0 with my stock harness if i change out the computer and TCU
  18. Vmaximus


    I have a 94 and a 96 Ranger both with 2.3's. The salvage yard has a 2.5 that I can overhaul and swap out quickly. Will the accessories bolt right on to this engine? Also will the ECU run this engine just as good as the 2.3? I need to get info on the 4 cyl engines as I never fooled with them...
  19. 4.0 Wiring Help

    89 B2 with 92 Exploder engine. When key is turned, the starter does not engage, and the check oil pressure light comes on. Could it be that the truck is completely miswired, or that the oil sensor is trashed? Help?
  20. Ranger/Raptor

    I miss the compact pick-up. I had 2 s10s, and a tacoma. I was a fan of the s10 more than the tacoma but for reasons beyond me each truck failed and now i have a suv. I say that to say this, i am now looking to get a ranger and put a 2.0 ecoboost in it or up to which model would the turbo diesel...

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