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engine swap

  1. Please help....I have no clue what to do

    So I've got a 1998 ranger 4x4 with a motor out of a 1995 explorer. I bought the truck with an engine on a pallate and no engine in the truck. I have it all back together with the exception of a vacumm line running from the throttle body.... I don't know where it goes!:annoyed: I have a 1997...
  2. Trying to do an engine swap from my 2.9

    I want to swap my 2.9 in my ford bronco II for the 5.0l v8 fuel injected 302. first time doing a swap and could use the help on what i need, and how to do it.
  3. My Bronco II - Engine swap.

    Hey there forum, I am about to undertake a engine swap from a 2.8L '85 bronco II (Automatic) and swap it into a 84 bronco II (standard). If you got and tips or tricks or things I gotta look out for that would be great. Any help would be fantastic and met with great thanks. -Noah.
  4. Anyone put a carb'd 302 in a BII?

    If you have i'd love to hear about your process and what you had to do the line things up and make them fit. I'm getting ready to put a 302 in my BII, and need a little help. What transmission should i mate with it? Can i keep my stock manual shift transfer case? Or do i need to upgrade to a...
  5. Eddie85

    Swapping in the 4.0L

    My 2.8 has nothing left. I have decided the 4.0L is the best motor to drop in that is affordable has plenty of power and has good fuel millage. I could use any input that you have on performing the swap. What year 4.0 is the best to swap in, what are the easiest mods to do to the motor before i...