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electric fan

  1. RustRatz

    Good electric fans to use

    1992 Ford Ranger 2.3 hate using the clutch fan, and looking to convert to electric fans. What’s a good brand?
  2. Cooling fan conversion HELP!!!!

    After swapping from belt to electric cooling fan, the fan stays on even while the engine is off. I originally had the ignition wire from the kit spliced into the 50A ignition fuse in the engine compartment fuse box. Any suggestions on where to splice the wire on a "Hot in run only" location...
  3. wcurtin1962

    Advice Needed For Electric Fan

    I got a 94 Ranger with a 2300 and A/C. I just discovered that a fan blade has broken off. I what to switch to an electric fan. Any suggestions on which fans/controllers are the most reliable?
  4. 3.0 Electric Fan Conversion

    I am trying to up my power & mileage from my slower than everyone else's 2000 Ranger 3.0 V6. Im trying to decide if I should swap out the fan for an electric one. I have read alot so far, but have had little luck finding the most popular, practical & cost effective way to do this. Can anyone...

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