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  1. No dash lights and no running lights. help needed.

    Hello everyone, This is my first post here. I have a 1993 Ford Ranger XLT 3.0 2wd. i'm not sure where to begin with my issue and i could use some assistance. I recently got a new head unit installed by a buddy and since then i've had no dash lights and no running lights but the dash lights work...
  2. RustRatz

    2.3L ('83-'97) Snapped Harmonic Balancer

    I have no idea how I did this, but while removing the harmonic balancer, it snapped in two pieces. One piece is still on the crankshaft, and the other fell off into my hand. Any ideas on how to remove the rest of it? 1992 Ford Ranger 2.3
  3. danielp3344

    Axle broke - what happened?

    So... I took my truck on a shortish (300 mile) trip yesterday, about 40 miles from home I was doing maybe 60mph on a long straight road when all of a sudden I felt a hideous death wobble and lost my front brakes (scared me pretty good). I carefully limped about a mile to a parking lot where I...
  4. 1984 Ford Ranger going needs lots of help thanks in advance.

    I inherited a 84 v6 ford ranger from my grandpa after he passed and been trying to get it up and running, issue is it sat for 17ish years so it leaves lots of love and then some. If this is not the right forum please move it to the correct one didn't know witch to post it in. So far new gas...
  5. Sharky146

    Ranger Center Console Armrest Fix

    Hey guys. Every Ranger I’ve owned had a cracked, worn out center console armrest. Usually I try to find a decent junkyard armrest, but they’re generally disgusting from 20 years of someone’s arm grease. So, this time I decided to repair my armrest and made a short YouTube tutorial. It’s...
  6. neutronranger

    2001 drivers-side door latch just broke, advice requested

    About a week ago, I tried to open my driver's side door and nothing happened when I pulled the inside handle. So, I've been opening the window and opening with the exterior handle. It works, but it's awkward. Is it easy to get to the broken part of the door latch mechanism? Is it easy to...
  7. DankTank

    Daily Down!

    I'm in a bad mood and need to rant right now. So, my daily driver, my 2008 Acura TL stopped cranking. I walked over to it mashing the unlock button like I tend to do, and got a bad feeling when the car didn't blink at me. all the lights are dim and only 4 diagnostic lights are coming on. And...
  8. Bolt Spinning Free -- Bed Removal, 1991 Ranger

    Hey all, on my 1991 XLT Supercab Ranger, started it a week ago and it was spitting gas below, near the gas tank / fuel pump I guess, it was pretty messy underneath with just the ignition on, not even running, so I shut it down. Jacked onto stands now. Going to replace whatever I can get to...
  9. Rodney Colvin

    Won't go in or out

    My ranger is a 1995 4x4 with a automatic and the 3.0, it has auto hubs and an electric t-case. Now my truck has the 4x4 and the low range light on, can't get it to turn off at all. And I can't get the front to turn (they roll, just don't deliver power.) Before when I would take it out of 4x4...
  10. 4x4 won't work

    On my 94 ford ranger when ever I engage my 4x4 it acts like a brake and buge the front tires. I have no flashing 4x4 lights and I can still hear the 4x4 high and low engage. Any idea's of what can be wrong with it?
  11. Tach Not Working

    Hello I Have A 88 Ranger XLT 2.9L V-6 And I Was Wondering Why My Tach Doesn't Work. I Can Shift By Sound But Its More A Thing Of Being Able To See It Than Anything Else. Anyone Know What To Check For Or Do In Order To Fix This ? Also I Think My Speedo If Off But Thats Another Thing That I Cant...
  12. Alarm problem!!!

    heres my problem I've got a 2000 4 cyl ranger and when I bought the truck it wouldnt start unless you unarmed the alarm even if it wasnt armed you had to unarm it to get the truck to start. the guy before broke the keychain part of it so he drilled a hole in it and made his own keyring and in...
  13. 1991 Ranger Gas Gauge Problems

    I have a 1991 Ford Ranger with a 4.0L V6 and I'm having a little bit of trouble with my gas gauge. When I bought it from my Uncle a few years ago the gas gauge was stuck at Empty. So I figured the sending unit was bust, so I replaced the fuel pump/sending unit. The gauge seems to read correctly...

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