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body swap

  1. Will a Lift kit from 1992 ford ranger fit a 1993?

    I have a 1993 ranger. 4.0 4x4 5 speed Ext cab. It needs a transmission. And I found a 1992 ext cab 2.3 4x4 ranger. with the trans I need. But it also has alot of aftermarket stuff for a decent price. My question is what parts do you guys think will fit my truck? I will copy and past his...
  2. Booty.B.Bouncin

    New Member, asking for affirmation & help

    Greetings! Let me start by saying I'm sorry if this isn't the right place to post, I'm not really sure where my issue/struggle fits in. Please give me a chance to move the text to the appropriate thread before I get deleted. I joined because every other search I've done while working on my...
  3. Body question

    Ok I have an 03 ranger 4 door 6ft bed I recently was is a bad wreck and looking to try to fix it. Would a body and front end from a 95 model work? Or next question how much would it take to swap my 4.0 sohc into the 95.
  4. Body swap

    I have a 1999 Ranger 4x4 short bed single cab with the 3.0L V6 (vin code V). About a month and a half ago I rolled it and since I don't have collision I am up the proverbial creek. Since the motor only has 108k on it I am definitely not throwing it into the junkyard with a perfectly good motor...
  5. 4banger_ranger

    body swap to a 4wd frame?

    what 4wd frame would a '99 ford ranger xlt swb single cab swap the easiest to????:icon_confused:
  6. Crashed and bent the front part of the chassis. Now what?

    I mucked up the whole front end. I need a body and possibly a chassis. I haven't been under and measured to see if it's still straight. Regardless, the supports for the body at the radiator can no longer attach to the chassis due to the ends being bent. What do I do? I'm thinking, because the...
  7. Swap vs Swap

    Hello , just registered , been reading these post after purchasing a BII , well actually 2 of them one is an 85 with the usual head problems(hasn't been torn down) ghostly disappearance of coolant . But has an excellent body and almost perfect interior. The second is an 86 in great mechanical...
  8. 84bluebronco2

    Strange thoughts inspired by a certain green gen2 ranger...

    what ranger body parts would it take to "fit" on a 91-94 explorer frame? I noticed when Marceh put a ranger body on his B2, he needed a custom bed. Is there any combo of Gen2 ranger pieces that will fit a 91-94 explorer frame?:icon_confused:

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