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99 ranger

  1. Will a Nissan 300ZX engine fit in a 99 Ranger?

    I have a 99 ranger stepside that I just got recently and I want to swap a fast but still fairly fuel efficient engine. Does anyone know if a 300ZX engine or any other powerful 4-6cyl engine will fit? Like Honda, Subaru, Mercedes, Mitsubishi, toyota etc....
  2. I am Keanen

    I live in juneau I grew up with ranger based vehicles, First two was a mazda b2600i, and a 94 explorer, secound went to a windstar, and then a 4runner, then my dad got a B4000, My mom traded the windstar and sold the 4runner to get a 02 explore back in 04(still got it), A black 99 ranger 3.0...
  3. 4x4 problem

    I have a 99 ranger xlt 4.0 5 speed and my 4x4 lights flash 5 or 6 times randomly, the 4x4 does not work, I know the switch is good and the gem mod is good, I'm thinking the problem could be in the wiring but I'm not 100% sure, has anyone else had this problem?
  4. RDRanger99

    New To TRS

    Hi Folks, I just joined the TRS forum last night. I don't have much mechanical or technical stuff to offer but will help anyone if I can. Hopefully though I will find some answers to help some of the problems with my 99 Ranger V6 3.0 XLT 4X4. It's like me; starting to show its age cosmetically...
  5. tensioner mounting bolt torque spec?

    I just finally narrowed down my crazy squealing on my 99' ranger xlt. Turns out my tensioner was shot, got a new one and now its not squealing at all. I don't have a chilton/haynes manual, does anyone know the proper torque spec for the 8mm mounting bolt? I don't want to have over tighten it or...

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