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I am Keanen


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Oct 29, 2013
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Juneau, Alaska
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I live in juneau I grew up with ranger based vehicles, First two was a mazda b2600i, and a 94 explorer, secound went to a windstar, and then a 4runner, then my dad got a B4000, My mom traded the windstar and sold the 4runner to get a 02 explore back in 04(still got it), A black 99 ranger 3.0 5speed got after the 94 b4000 we sold, about 2011 then I rolled it this febuary. My first truck was a 99 ranger had 101k on it 5 speed 3.0 lsd, well the owner F*** me over and a week and a half blew. Since then we swap the black ranger, engine in to mine which has a nice body but it's my dad's now. I have went from the ranger to a 97 ram 1500 5.9v8 only sold because gas was to much, I had it straight pipe I loved it, then went to a little 98 forester, and now My 94 b3000 has 113k 5speed single cab dana 35 up front. I have lived in alaska my whole life, Yakutat, Palmer, Homer, Now hippie town Juneau. my truck pretty much stock, I plan 31x10.50x15 and a 2in lift for now, I have hid on the way

I am an admin Ford Ranger Based Trucks, one of the first three, with Daniel, And Brent There are many other admins since Combine with Ford ranger Crazy, And are classified page Ford ranger classifieds.

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