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  1. 1990 RANGER, Starts and Dies in 15 seconds

    I need help urgently as I start a new job 30 miles away and am down to one car and have no way to get there. I have put all new tires on it as well. Symptom: The truck will start, run 15-20 seconds, I can drive it maybe a block if I am real quick. Doesn't cough or sputter just stops. What I...
  2. 2.9l Ticks when I press on the gas

    My 92 ranger 2.9l has a ticking noise that has been bugging me. It is consistent with engine speed, but is only audible when the gas pedal is pressed. It does not matter how fast I am going, or if the engine is hot or cold. I would describe the sound as a really loud clicky pen. I can add about...
  3. 88rangr

    Timing gear timing

    Hello all, I have the new water pump bolted on the cover, and have painted the cover Ford Red! ALso the new gears and chain plus guide and tensioner are on, but wondering about the timing, both marks are correct and pointing at each other, but I did notice that the bottom cog moved with...
  4. 88rangr

    Need help removing timing gear cover 2.9L V6

    Hello fellow Ranger owners, I am replacing my water pump and while in there, I want to replace the gear and chain set. All the bolts off and balancer off, is there a trick to get the cover off? 1988 Ford Ranger 2.9L V-6 with 230,000 original miles, no rebuild yet! Thanks all! Larry
  5. Any Alabamians Need 2.9s?

    I know not many people keep 'em, but does anyone in Alabama want a 1989 2.9L from a B2? I did the 4.0 and the truck came with two 2.9s. The two engines, i could sell as a pair, because i have no idea if they work. I also have the engine harness for one 2.9. There is also a busted A4LD if anyone...
  6. Whats up!

    Hey everyone, I'm new to your forum (came over from FRF). A few weeks ago I picked up a very clean 1990 Ranger XLT 4x4 5 speed (overdrive) with a 2.9L v6. My dad had one just like it when I was growing up, so when I found this baby on craigslist... I just had to have it. With this crappy...
  7. New from Del Rio, TX - 86 4x4 Super Cab

    Just saying hi and getting started on this forum. Just purchased an 86 4x4 with 2.9L auto, just a good ol truck to play and hunt with but amazingly almost everything works on this truck. It started its life as an XLT and in 86 that was top of the line. The truck runs decent and I am doing the...
  8. How can I pull the most HP out of my stock 2.9?

    I have an 89 B2 that is pretty much bone stock other then a home made cold air intake. What are some easy upgrades to suck more HP out of it. I heard that performance plugs, bigger plug wires and a nice coil help some. Thanks.
  9. tenga

    Clutch problems

    So I have an 88 ranger, 2.9L, FM146 transmission with the 4.0 clutch swap. about 2 months ago my clutch peddle started getting spongy, after about a month and a half it wouldn't disengage until in just about hit the floor. So I ended up bleeding it. It fixed it, but it was only a few weeks...
  10. 1988 Ford Bronco II - 2.9L Main Engine Harness Schematic

    Was going to wait until i created one big harness based schematic for the chassis/cab/engine wiring but changed my mind tonight....here's my latest creation, the Main Engine Harness (MEH) for my 1988 BII with a 2.9L in it. I still plan on creating the full electrical layout of my truck but it...

    Head stud problems!

    i tried using a t50 star bit and it to small... t55 is to big... allen key wants to strip it out...... any advice on what to use?:icon_confused:
  12. xX_STX_Xx

    Air intake on 2.9L.. Worth it or not??

    Hey, guys, whats up. I have an 87 Ranger STX, 2.9L bored .20 over. i was reading through the tech forums and i saw the air intake topic. Is it worth removing the air box? will i get the promised 10hp increase from K&N? This would greatly help!! Oh and by the way, half the reason i asked is...

    86 gen 1 sas build

    I aquired my 86 gen 1 after my grandfather passed. i drove this truck for 4 years then parked it for five. tired of fixing my superduty everytime i wheeled it and something broke, i decided to modify my ranger. i read countless articles on sas swaps and still have a couple of questions. i want...
  14. this user name may change

    can't find map sensor

    i'v need a pic of a 2.9 map sensor, because i cant seem to find it.....
  15. engine issues after new cylinder heads.

    I just replaced the cylinder heads on my 87 Ranger 2.9L and now I am having some issues. This is my daily driver so I'd like to get this resolved as soon as I can. During reassembly of my engine, it took forever to get the engine started as I was having issues getting the distributor to the...
  16. No Spark in 2.9l

    I had new spark plugs and cap and rotor so i changed those and still nothing, the coil is fine so thats not it. seen some stuff about the TFI which i know nothing about and also checking the grounds which all seem fine. how do I find out what I need to fix?
  17. Lucky'sRangerSusie

    87 Ford Ranger 2.0L sputtering problem HELP!! We've tried everything we can think of!

    I have a 1987 Ford Ranger 2.9L that a few months ago started sputtering and dying when I let off the gas. When I first start it up the truck idles perfectly. Its after I accelerate that the truck starts to sputter and dies if I don't keep my foot on the accelerator. :dunno: What we've tried...
  18. Trying to do an engine swap from my 2.9

    I want to swap my 2.9 in my ford bronco II for the 5.0l v8 fuel injected 302. first time doing a swap and could use the help on what i need, and how to do it.
  19. 2.9L Headers on 4.0

    I have a 1988 2.9L Ranger STX and I was rebuilding the engine. The exhaust manifold bolts all broke off in the heads. I took the heads off and had the bolts burned out, the valves redone, and the head milled flat to put back on. After i put the engine back together I can't seem to get it...
  20. That's right another guy with 4.0L swap questions

    Hey I have an 88 with the 2.9, I like it but I'm used to the 300 4.9L straight 6 in an F-250, so I was thinking about the swap to the 4.0L and swapping in the tranny too (or one with larger gearing, have absolutely no clue if that'd work) k so my question is about the 4.0L does it have any known...

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