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  1. Did i jump the gun?

    Recently lifted my 97 super cab and put 33x10.5s on it, started having rear end issues, so set out to find an 8.8 to rebuild and swap into it. Well found an 8.8 out of a wrecked 2011, and now I'm starting to second guess myself if it's possible to do. Anything is possible obviously but is it...
  2. Making a pattern to plan a custom wood console (seeking advice or diagrams)

    I am dreaming up a custom wood center console for my 97 Ranger. It will replace the radio bezel and existing cupholders. The edges of the wood will need to sit right up against the dashboard plastic. This would be my first project cutting wood pieces that need to drop into place, though, and I'm...
  3. 97Ranger3.0

    My 1997 Ranger 3.0 4x4

    Hey everyone! This is my 1997 Ranger XL with the 3.0, 5 speed manual and 4wd, and a 7' bed. This truck is my daily driver, so this isn't going to be so much of a build thread per se, but I will be doing some light modifications and thought it might be cool to document my process! These...
  4. 97Ranger3.0

    Vibration at 3000+ RPM ???

    Hey guys, I'm looking for some help and this is a strange one... Recently I did a bit of work to the cooling system on my 1997 Ford Ranger 3.0 XL, and after the work I now have a vibration/shudder/rumble that occurs at 3k rpm and up. What's weird about it is that prior to doing this work, I...
  5. 85 2.8 to 4.0 w/auto ecu and fm145

    I have an 85 Ranger with the 2.8 and manual FM145 in it currently. The previous owners got this engine way hotter than what I would like. I also happen to have a 97 explorer with the 4.0ohv. I've found plenty of info on swapping the engine in but I would like to do it without the expense of...
  6. [Help]'97 Mazda B2300 fluctuating oil pressure

    I have a 1997 Mazda B2300 that has made a slight ticking noise on occasion for a while now. Previously this noise was very rare and I usually took it as an indication that I needed to change oil (usually only happening around the 4k mile mark.) Recently my gauge has started becoming "wobbly"...
  7. BruceG

    1997 2.3 hydraulic lash adjusters

    Hi there everyone! I have a 2.3. I had the head almost apart. It's a reman Spartan head. The lash adjusters won't come out. Does anyone know if Spartan loctite these in? It's the only thing I can come up with. Thank you in advance
  8. BruceG

    1997 2.3 pit in number 1 cylinder

    I recently bought a 1997 ford ranger 2.3 5 spd. It had the symptoms of a blowed head gasket. After pulling the head it was revealed that number 1 piston had melted on right side to 2nd ring. Aluminum was stuck to cylinder. I had it bored .020 over, after getting block back , I found a pit where...
  9. "Manual Transmition Lubricant Does Not Normally Need Changed"-Chilton Ranger '91-'99

    "Manual Transmition Lubricant Does Not Normally Need Changed"-Chilton Ranger '91-'99 Year: 1997 Engine: 2.3L manual Transmission: R-1 2wd I have read throughout this forum and many others that the transmission fluid should be changed every 60,000 miles or so. In the Chilton's however it...
  10. Oxygen Sensors: which brands/models best for drop-in replacement ?

    I've a '97 3.0 xlt longbox. It pretty well needs all new sensors, but for now I'm going to replace all the O2's, which OBDII is bitching about. I understand there's 3 of them, 2 pre, 1 post. There seems to be quite a range of prices and manufacturers, and some say "drop in", some "modding...
  11. 97-ford-ranger-xlt

    Help ID this part from firewall 1997 ford ranger

    What the hell is this? Started my 1997 ford ranger this morning and turned on the heater and it smelled like tires. Then I realized it smelled like coolant. Pulled over at the gas station and found this thing dripping. What is it? Should there be a hose attached to it? Thanks.
  12. windshield

    Hello i am trying to find out if the windshield from a '97 xlt ranger would fit a '95 stx ranger.
  13. my 97 ranger is finally almost donee

    yup im a new member, this is my first post. but yea, im real excited.. i have had my 97 ranger for a little over a year now. when i first got the ranger, it was this little low rider looking thing, with a 3inch drop in the front, and lowering leafsprings and new shackles in the back. (not...
  14. bourcier700

    1997 VSS convert to 2000 VSS?

    Hey I just Put a 2000 auto transmission in my 1997 3.0 ranger and once in place realized that there was no vss on the tail end of the transmission so I went online and read that on 98 and newer rangers they put the vss on the rear end and it works with the abs(i think not completely sure). Is...
  15. 97 Ranger rear end help!!! :bawling:

    i have a 97 ranger 4.0, 4x4 its got 197,000 miles, been flipped, and totaled twice, i bough the truck for 9000 Pennies it just my daily driver, and is making a knocking noise in the rear end when i go up driveways and over bumps. i took the back wheels off the other day and you can pull each...
  16. thebigyellowtruck

    Check engine light came on, code P1443

    I have a 1997 ranger with a 2.3 engine. just recently the check engine light came on. i checked the code with my girlfriends dads code reader and it came back P1443. I looked the code up online and it said that the code was "Evaporative Emission Control System Control Valve" it also said that in...

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