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  • @PEGSTERZ, I had a 97, it was only cut springs up front, and I flipped the rear shackles, which only dropped it 2/2. I also have an 86, that might be the one you meant, that is chassis tech drop ibeams (same as dream beams) and a DJM flip kit, that lowered mine 3/6, since my rear springs are "de-arched" from age lol. All in all, I did the work myself in my driveway, as long as you can get the bolts out, it shouldn't be to hard to do, I did my drop beams in an hours, and the rear in 2, hardest part was lifting the axle on top of the leaf springs since the bolts to them wouldn't budge. Hope this helps ya
    Hello, what drop kit was used on the '96? I want to lower my truck, not too crazy, and still use stock chrome rims.........I was thinkin of a 3/4 dream beam and flip kit, however it looks like a lot of labor. What do you think? Thanks
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