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  1. RollinWOT

    shock suggestions for 2 wheel drive

    If the truck is lowered, get a set of DJM street truck shocks(Toxic series I think is what they are called?). Mine is lowered 2" front and 5" rear, I have a set of Monroes and they are decent, but it needs drop shocks for sure. If the truck is at factory ride height, use Monroe or Gabriel...
  2. RollinWOT

    AR Pistol thoughts?

    A while back I built a 16" Franken-Carbine from an Anderson stripped lower, DPMS parts kit, Brownell's NiB M16 BCG, Aero Precision charging handle, OutdoorSportsUSA mil-spec carbine extension kit, and a complete Anderson barreled flattop upper. Since my lady can't handle "big-bore" like an AK, I...
  3. RollinWOT

    2" Drop Coils - ride quality? (+other Q's)

    I can't speak for beam suspension, but in my '98 with A-arms and 2" drop coils, the ride got a bit "bouncier" over the really rough stuff, but for 90% of driving it's A-ok, the rear axle flip kit actually had more of an effect on the ride quality than the front coils. I didn't have to trim...
  4. RollinWOT

    Cochise County's lowest Ranger

    After much time away from the forums, I'm glad to be back. I have finally finished the lowering kit on my truck(2"/5" static drop with coils and a flip kit, respectively), stepside conversion is done, and have it on a set of 2000 Model Year steelies. Probably going to go to 17" or 18" wheels in...
  5. RollinWOT


    Hello again ladies and gents. It feels like an eternity since I have posted here. After the birth of my second child, I got kind of caught up in the dad/special needs parent life. My truck has more or less taken a back burner for a long time, but now that my daughter is almost ready to enter...
  6. RollinWOT

    Experience with Yoko Geolandar A/T-S?

    I'm looking to replace the tires on my wife's car with something a little more offroad friendly. I'm looking at the Yokohama Geolandar A/T-S, which is the only offroad tire I can find in the factory rated P215/60R16 size. I don't wan to go much larger than that, but I could possibly squeeze on a...
  7. RollinWOT

    Off Road Nissan Altima?

    I've been thinking about making my wife's Altima into a pseudo-offroader. She took it on a camping trip, and long story short, it got stuck with just minor mud in the tires and on a slight uphill/washboard road. I' sure if I was with her it wouldn't have gotten stuck, but I feel like it could be...
  8. RollinWOT

    Heater always blows hot-unable to turn off!

    Alright in my '98 Ranger with the 3L engine, the floor vents are always blowing hot air. I've turned the blower motor off, the blower speed is as low as possible and it doesn't matter where the temperature knob is at, it always blows hot. Now that winter is approaching it's not too bad but when...
  9. RollinWOT

    LiteRite headlight resurfacing.

    Alright so a while back I tried the Mothers Powerball headlight refinisher and it did ok for a few months but now they're back to hazy yellow and cloudy. At work today I purchased one of our own marketed products. It's called LiteRite and it's a normal refinishing product and to be honest, it...
  10. RollinWOT

    Shift knobs

    Ok fellas, I've got a '98 XLT 2WD with an M5OD and I cant for the life of me figure out how to remove the shift knob. I need to get a new one since the one I've got on it now is broken and covered in some sort of sticky substance. Anybody dealt with removing the shift knob before? Any help would...
  11. RollinWOT

    I found out my Ranger is a girl truck.

    Well, I've come to an epiphany that my Ranger is indeed a girl. It pleases me, makes me happy to be around, gone places with it, and every month or so, it's check engine light pops up for about a week. She makes me happy most of the time but sometimes she makes me afraid, but I love her all the...
  12. RollinWOT

    Let the flames ensue

    I've got a new accquisition. It's a '91 Mitsubishi Mighty Max, automatic, 2WD, 2.4L L4. It's getting the cylinder head remanufactured and once I pay it off I'll put it together and have a nice little DD. My Ranger will be my toy, but the MM will be my DD from now on. I'm buying a complete...
  13. RollinWOT

    bedside questions

    Ok so I've recently come across a set of bedsides too good to pass up. 5" fiberglass bedsides perfect condition for 100 bucks. Anyway, I'm going to cut my regular bedsides out to a really large fender and then bolt the fiberglass bedsides to what remains. I wanted to know if I could use a...
  14. RollinWOT


    Ok, this may seem like a bit of a chump question, but I just wanna make sure. Can I just put projector lights on my '98 without mods or will I need to mod my lighting harness? Also which produces better light output, regular lights with really good bulbs or projectors? Thanks guys.
  15. RollinWOT

    Ahh, nothing like that new job smell!

    Well, I went down and applied at Precision Toyota, one of the largest and most well respected Toyota dealerships in the world, #7 in customer satisfaction. Me and a buddy who also applied just got hired as a new "green team" which handles spark plugs, tire rotations, oil changes, air filters...

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