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  • Hey bud i got it on here but couldnt get photobucket to work so i just said send me a message n i will text them or email them
    If you lived a little closer to Hibbing, I would've put in a good word to HR and get you a job at L&M Radiator.

    If you want to, PM me your home address so I could look you up, maybe even visit you in the ol' Iron Ranger!
    Hey son tks for that phone call thats just as good as getting a card hope you had a nice day today we went to the grandparents and had a get together with everyone so it went good the guy on here sent me a note and agreed to 125 for everything so now i got to get the money together to get it when you can do it for me the parts number is mpw 3324 at napa for hte plug wires they cost 30.22 I dont know if you get a break there or not or other parts store u get one but when you can do it we call it even for the steps hoep they work good for her take care love ya both dad
    Hey whats up looking on here for parts maybe get lucky and find dome on here take care miss ya love dad

    Tell him I'm trying to get him a pardon and to not act like a dick to moderators anymore.

    well dang, didnt know the forum had this feature. Glad to be able to be here with ya!
    i looked up the tranny stuff. it could also be an AOD or a C6. they were both available in 90
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