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  • they measure more like 37.5, it will hold, the tires for wheelin are almost bald, but the best shape for a truck there goin under
    the front of the bronco 2 lol, its goin on 39.5 swampers for wheeling, got some 36's for street use
    lol, this isnt my first b2, i was speakin from previous experience, im actually doin a t-18 swap, thats a 4spd with a granny, im tryin to sell the auto from it to fund that swap and my front axle making it in
    its a stick isnt it, no problems at all either, ive towed many a things with a 2.9 and a 5spd that most wouldnt lol, towed my 79 f-350 minus motor like it was a play toy with my b2, mines v8 so itll pull either way loland the 35 and 88 will be happy with your 33's aslong as they were 3.73 or better, most people are just afraid to rev a 2.9 but they love it so LOL
    ha, id buy it back its worth a good chunk in scrap alone, or atleast u can swap the axles into the b2 before u scrap the ranger
    had the duff lift for sale for a while, jim decided he wanted it today, so ill atleast get that shipped out, but also tryin to sell my trans and t-case from the b2, goin stick and that will fund that project
    nothin really, just tryin to get the truck together, it would help if people werent full of shit when they say they want something lol, ive been tryin to sell stuff on here but seems everyone i get is a flake lol
    nah i wouldnt type anything i just left it blank, i think it said they wouldnt fit our trucks anyways because they just dont realize it is the same lol
    ur the best dude! thanks for your help, gunna go pick up a set tomorrow, one more question, it says that they want me to put my vehicle year make and type in the comments when i purchase them, did u put anything, or just list ur truck, cuz they really arnt for our trucks, lol i dont wana confuse them...
    sounds good, im excited to see how they turn out, im hoping for a positive rating on them so i can go pick myself up a set. im just waiting on your results :)
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