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  • Greetings franklin2. I'm jumping off the original thread that you responded to my question. I didn't want to highjack that one. It was on the BroncoII 2.9 code 18. I checked the timing and it was fine. I cleaned up the bare ground wire from the TFI and the code 18 went away. I had recently replaced the TFI with a Duralast. Should I test the old (original) TFI to see if it's actually okay?
    I hate to just throw parts at this but I don't know what I'm looking for at this point and my local garage replace the fuel pressure regulator and told me the misfire was likely caused by too much fuel being delivered and should clear up on it's own with the new one installed. I'm not buying that. Any suggestions?
    84 Ranger 2.8l. The computer is gone. Put a points distributor in it. I am so close to starting it. Problem is...The wiring. I have little clue what to do with all this wiring. Right now I have a Short and the only wire hooked up is the Starter wire. Can you please advise
    Hi Franklin...
    I was cruisung around the Heavy Equipment Forums in the Backhoe section and ran across a post by a member named Franklin2.
    Just curious if that is you?

    Hope you're well and take care.
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