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  1. Can’t find motorcraft TPS

    What Ford number did you come up with? I came up with E77F9B989AA There is one on ebay. https://www.ebay.com/itm/185254135402 Put that number in a google search if its the right one. Several places came up but a lot of them are out of stock.
  2. Key sticking in Park

    Cable/Bracket Adjustment Place the gearshift lever (7210) in the (D) position and hang a 1.4 kg (3 lb) weight on the shift control selector lever. Move the gearshift lever to the first gear position, then move back two detents to the (D) position. Hang the 1.4 kg (3...
  3. Cheap 2" lift on 1987 4x4 ford ranger

    I was going to say, on the full size trucks with this suspension, 1.5 inches lift is about the max you can go and still get it in alignment. I don't have any experience with the rangers but 2 inches sounds borderline to me. And you would definitely need aftermarket bushings turned to the max...
  4. 2011 2.3 (auto) winter tire options/opinions

    Don't have any experience with your combo, but I have had a lot of snow driving experience, and doggy can be a good thing in snow and ice. Much easier to get it going gently if it doesn't have as much get-up and go. If you look in your owners manual, most transmissions usually have a feature...
  5. 5 trouble codes to high out off range

    New parts now are terrible. Looks like you are really getting into this troubleshooting on the older systems, and since your grandson has one also, I recommend you buy this book. It's where I got the testing info from, I am not that smart and do not want to portray myself as being than smart...
  6. 5 trouble codes to high out off range

    Probably could do it all in one test and get a complete different set of codes depending on what was wrong. I would pull the battery cable off for a minute or so to clear the old codes out first.
  7. 5 trouble codes to high out off range

    You will get code 21 if the engine is not between 50-250 degrees. Easy to get this code when the engine is cold and the test is run. Code 22 no MAP sensor signal Code 51 High voltage reading on the engine coolant sensor Code 53 Throttle position sensor voltage high Code 54 Air Charge temp...
  8. Duraspark conversion.

    There idea was more consistent air temperature entering the carb. Along with the hose to the radiator support, you will notice a pipe welded to the air cleaner snorkel underneath. That went to a heat stove around the exhaust manifold. There is a air door in the snorkel that directs air either...
  9. new shifter kit leaking M5od

    You are ok if you filled it from the hole in the side. I thought you may have filled it through the shifter hole in the top. You can keep reading on in the manual to see if it says anything about that gasket on the shifter. A little sealer could not hurt I would think.
  10. Wanted Where to Get / Buy AC- Dash Vents for 1993-1994 Ford Rangers?

    If you find a yard that has what you want, keep some other things in mind that you might need and make a day of it.
  11. Help sourcing cross members. 05 B4000

    Not sure where you are in Canada, but I put your truck in www.car-part.com and put in I was looking for a frame, and it did interchange and list rangers also. Frame Assembly X TD 640.81 --Can-- $874.99 Gravel pieces d'autos -QRP Canada- No US Shipping Can-QC(Blainville) Request_Quote...
  12. new shifter kit leaking M5od

    I was looking in the Ford manual on the M5OD here. https://www.therangerstation.com/tech_library/pdf_documents/ford_m5od_manual_transmission_shop_manual.pdf and the first thing that jumped out at me reading the troubleshooting chart where it says oil leaks, that the tranny could be overfilled...
  13. 98 No Crank No Start

    I see what the other guys are saying now, I thought you had the common Ford starter relay on the fender, but you don't. You just have a Bosch type relay in the fuse box sending a signal to the starter. Like they said, if this starter relay clicks when you spring the key to start, that means...
  14. IAC valve not working?

    When you unplug the idle air control valve, the rpms should drop very low. Since the don't, either you have air coming in feeding the engine from somewhere else, or someone has messed with the idle stop screw and that needs to be turned back. That would be something you could experiment with...
  15. 98 No Crank No Start

    Here is the ignition switch part of the circuit that feeds the theft relay in the other diagram.

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