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  • hi I'm about to swap in a 351w in my 97 ranger and I was wondering what headers or manifolds you used? thanks
    Hey I've been reading your build thread I haven't made it all the way through yet I have a few questions for you about your sas I'm going to start on my truck very soon I have a 2001 ranger first question is what springs did you use on the front of your truck? Second what type of shocks do you use for the front and rear? And last what did you do for the steering shaft on yours with the 88 Toyota steering box? This info would greatly help me in my build thankyou
    The speedometer does not work. I also have a 60 in the rear to, thinking of getting a tranfercase with the vss in and trying to adapt it to work. havent had the truck on the main highway yet but driving it around the block it doesent want to shift out of 1st gear.
    And the vss handles the shifting too.
    did your speedometer work? I posted some pictures on my profile if you want to check them out. almost done.
    I was wondering if your speedometer works even thought you disconected your abs. I was told it runs off of you rear abs sensor and since I just put a dana 60 in the rear of mine I don't have a abs sensor anymore.
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