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  1. colinrmitchell

    Auto to Manual Swap, Engine Behaviour

    Hey, guys! Ignore my last post about the flywheel diameter. I got the correct one from Autozone. Anyways, I got my 4R44E to M5OD swap done. Everything went in like butter. I have a question about the computer, though. I left the automatic PCM in the truck, and fooled it into thinking that...
  2. colinrmitchell

    2.3L manual starter gear diameter

    Does anyone have a flywheel/starter ring gear laying around such that they can measure the diameter of the assembly? This is for a 2.3L M5OD-R1. I ordered a flywheel and clutch kit for a 1996 M5OD-R1 for my 2.3L Ranger and the flywheel does not fit in the bellhousing. Just wanted to see if I...
  3. colinrmitchell


    Hey guys and girls. Anybody like that Tarantula tequila/liqueur? I had a bit of it tonight (as you will see), and decided to post an appropriate picture. How's this for classy? Cheers mates! :beer:
  4. colinrmitchell

    Why are lift blocks bad news?

    So everybody agrees that lift blocks on a front axle are bad. What, then, is the cause of this? My first guess is that, since front driveshafts are generally shorter than rear driveshafts, axle wrap creates a harsher angle on the driveshaft, and hence the U-joints. Is there something that I'm...
  5. colinrmitchell


    Just out of curiosity, I was wondering if anyone else on this forum had any kind of interest in mathematics. I know that a LOT (technically ALL) of what we do to our trucks is driven by physics/mathematics. I was just looking to see who had an interest in mathematics. Which ever level you...
  6. colinrmitchell

    Subaru knock sensor-related problem.

    My girlfriend's 1999 Subaru Outback Legacy 2.5L threw P0325 - Knock Sensor Malfunction code. I put a new knock sensor in it. That didn't seem to help at all. I put new plugs in it, and it has new wires for about 8 months now. The plugs seemed to help some. I tried putting 93 in it and that...
  7. colinrmitchell

    Small Engine cuts out with throttle.

    Hey, everyone. I got a small-engine problem. I have a B&S 18HP twin-cylinder. It's got a new ignition, and I recently cleaned up the carburetor. My question is, after it runs for 10-15 minutes (gets to operating temp), it starts to die when you give any throttle past idle. It idles great...
  8. colinrmitchell

    Any LisP programmers?

    Hey, guys: I am trying to get started into Lisp. I have read about it it some mathematics books that I have bought, and I think it looks pretty powerful. I have just installed Ubuntu on a Compaq that I got from a yard sale for $5, and am trying to get Emacs to work with Steel Bank Common...
  9. colinrmitchell

    Akron, Ohio.

    Hey guys. I currently live in Randolph, Ohio. About to move to Copley, only about 25 minutes away. I.e., Akron area. Anyways, I don't have any good places to wheel around here, short of Yankee Lake and other public death traps. I am hoping that some of us in this area can team up to take...
  10. colinrmitchell

    Really Dumb Pictures.

    I'm sure that most of you have seen the couple of dumb pictures that I have done with people's trucks: I don't know if any of you out there get as bored as I do sometimes, but let's see if we can have some fun of all of those serious flexing and driveway shots out there. I'll be the...
  11. colinrmitchell

    3 SAS Questions

    Are you planning to run the leaves under-axle? If so, I don't think the steering would be a problem. I put in a D30 with leaves-over, and I ran a cross-over setup because I could really find no other suitable way to do it. I got my leaf spring mounts from Ballistic, and they worked pretty...
  12. colinrmitchell

    Skyjacker leaf springs.

    Has anybody else had problems with Skyjacker rear lift leaf springs, particularly 6"? I've had them on since last summer some time, and a couple of months ago, I used my truck to drag some logs around the yard (not even that big of ones), and afterwards, my driver-side spring was sagging...
  13. colinrmitchell

    2.3L options.

    Okay, here's a dumb question: I have a 1997 2.3L Ranger. It is 2WD. I am converting it to 4x4. I already have a D30 in the front, so I just need to solve the transmission issue. I need to find a 4x4 transmission for it. From what I've learned, I need to find a 4R44E from a 4x4 2.3L. I've heard...
  14. colinrmitchell

    Let's see what's out there....

    Haha, thanks dude! All I understood was the laying frame thing. I don't really like dropped sportscars and ricers and stuff, but the Rangers on here look SWEET.
  15. colinrmitchell

    2.3L running hotter than normal.

    The 2.3L in my truck has been running fine lately, but when I drive it for more than a few miles, it heats up pretty good. It's still in the operating range, but it's a little closer to that big red H than I'd like. It does it during the hot afternoon and at night. Fan works. Belt works...

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