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  1. Can I use the FM146

    i am looking to do a manual tcase swap on my 99 ranger with the 4.0l and I've found a BW1350 at the local bone yard. My 5 speed in my Ranger has a bad 2nd gear sync and I was wondering if I can use the FM146 from the 88 ranger I'm getting the tcase out of, it would be easier to keep the 2...
  2. broken spider gears

    the other night i broke the spider gears inside my limited slip on my truck and i was wonderin if any one knows if you can buy just the gears or if i need to purchase a whole limited slip unit
  3. this thing wont quit

    my 99 ranger now has 213000 miles on it and still runs like new :headbang: it jus wont quit how many miles does yalls rangers got on em?
  4. speaking of tailgates

    just thought this thread fit this forum. lol!! the cable on the drivers side of my tailgate broke. has anyone ever had one break on their ranger? i think it broke when my supervisor sat on it when we were haulin a paint sprayer from the jobtrailer over to where we were workin. hes a pretty heavy...
  5. changing clutch- need advice

    im in a jam. got the driveshafts down and the lower 4 bellhousing bolts out. what is the easiest way to get the rest of them out. if i would loosen the body mounts and jack the cab up, would this give the clearance i need to get them out? i really need help here.
  6. manual lockout hubs?

    i plan to put a lock-rite in the front of my ranger and i need to know if i need manual hubs instead of automatic ones to run this locker.
  7. front axle

    is it possible to change my open front dif to a limited slip dif? my truck has 3.73s in it.
  8. thanks for deleting my thread.

    why did my thread get deleted? (springfield xd or glock) i wish whoever deleted it would have sent me a pm. and dont even try to tell me that its because it has nothin to do with rangers, cuz i see so many tgreads that have nothing to do at all with rangers. i think whoever deleted my thread is...
  9. swatara state park

    i went wheelin today back at swatara state park, which has a road goin through it called old state rd. the trails branched off of it. the state park bulldozed and leveled off the trails and stacked boulders as high as my hood to block them off. they left one trail alone. it had a few deep water...
  10. torsion keys

    i already have my torsion bars cranked to level the front end with the back. i was wondering if a set of torsion keys would give me anything over my current setup with the tb crank. also i need to know which is cheaper for the rear- bigger blocks, or helper springs?
  11. clutch problems

    just today when i first started my truck to go somewhere, my clutch was messed up, instead of engaging with the pedal most of the way left out, the pedal was real easy to push and was engaging right off the floor. my dad told me to bleed it, so i did, it didnt gravity bleed the first time, i had...
  12. treadwright mtg retreads

    i just bought these tires online on monday and recieved them on thursday. the tread is agressive, almost identical to goodyear mtrs. these are lt31x10.5r15 retreads on bfg at cases. these tires grip so well i cant spin em on dry pavement. offroad i forgot to put it in 4 wheel and went through a...
  13. solid axle swap

    does anyone in here have any experience with doin a solid axle swap on a 98 and newer ranger 4x4. how hard is the swap, and what kinda cost do you run into?
  14. ford limited slip rear

    how good are the ford limited slips? mine has 194k on it and i still get both tires spinnin when i break em loose. how are they on the trail? mine has always done well, ive never got stuck in mud or anything. how do they do on rock crawling? i havent done much rock crawlin, just whatever came up...
  15. south dakota

    any body in here from the edgemont hot spring area? hows the wheelin on the prairie? i saw some fun lookin stuff when i was antelope huntin right outside of edgemont. also hows the wheelin in the black hills? i put in the drawing for antelope again this year, i hope i get drawn again, i really...

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