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  • Do you know what Thorttle Body a stock Ranger has? If i got a 60mm 3.0L Throttle body would i get any gains from
    I would say no snow what about christmas without snow cant see it. The snow slacked today a bit I wil try too get some pic tomorrow k.
    I will post some more pic of the light bar soon wating for the weather too clear stormy as hell here snow snow snow.
    take it you've been in awhile. and when every your ready man my trucks almost always trail ready
    If you go west of the I-15 there are trails that go as far to the mountains west and north. there awesome for quads dirtbikes trucks. If you wanna head out let me know ill roll.
    it didnt work i spend 3 hours trying to use it and couldnt get it to work at all i evan tried to heat it up with a torch and couldnt get it to work i we used a sawzaw and cut the balljoint shaft off it all had to be replaced anyways thanks for checking up....
    ohh, yeah thats what ive been thinking to do an extension to go on top of the spindle, where the ball joint goes, and the ball joint on top of it.

    weird that yours hit the arm, as theyre supossed to go with stock arms dont they?
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