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Application: This involves removing a freeze plug from your engine block, and replacing it with a block heater. The heater shown replaces a 1-1/2 inch freeze plug, and should work on any 1990-2000 Ford Ranger 4.0L OHV engine, as well as the 3.0L and 2.3L with a 1-1/2″ freeze plug.

Hey guys, so as my truck came from California, and here in Saskatoon its gets to -50 Celsius, I figured I’d put a block heater in. I didn’t see a DIY anywhere so I decided to make one.

First things first, remove the air box assembly.

Then, remove the inner fender. Honestly, this was the hardest part of the job, haha.

Here you can see the freeze plug you have to remove.

Now, before you remove it, open your rad cap (make sure the engine isnt boiling hot) and then drain the coolant via the lower radiator hose…this makes a big mess.

Then, take a punch or screw driver, and beat in the edge of the freeze plug. Afterwards, just haul it out with a set of pliers.

After the last of the coolant has spewed out, give it a wipe clean, and grab your block heater. Here is the Motorcraft one I bought from ford for 35$

Note: Nathan couldn’t recall the Motorcraft part number. Others have used the Kats 11416 Engine Block Heater:

Now, take a little bit of NON-petroleum based grease and lube up the o-ring.

Take it, press it into the hole, make sure its seated in the whole way around. Tighten the screw…this opens up the wing nut and makes sure the plug stays in place.

Then plug the end of the cord in and run it through the grille or where ever you like. Put the inner fender back, and then the air box.

Make sure to refill the radiator until full, turn on the engine, and let it run WITHOUT the cap on in order to get some of the air out. Top up and then you’re ready to go.

See the original submission here: This is how to put block heater in a 4.0.


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